Summer to-do list

I’m at the point with my current sweater in progress and plain socks (for handbag knitting, of course) that I am so close to being done with both of them that there is really not much reason for either of them to still be in progress this time next week. This should help me find my momentum, of course, since being almost done means you can start dreaming dreamily about what will get onto the needles next. And don’t get me wrong, I love new project dreams.

In addition, though, I decided to cast on a new sock project just to take the edge off. Jaywalker socks are one of my rotating favourite patterns, and if I’m not knitting my regular ribbed sock pattern then it’s Jaywalkers for sure. I love the way both of them fit, and I’ve knitted both enough times that I mentally categorize my sock yarn stash for ribbed sock yarn, Jaywalker sock yarn, and “other.” (Uh, that’s normal, right?)

Harrison Jaywalkers

I meant to just start a little bit of this for a fun little treat before going back to the sweater, but cut to 3 days later and I’ve already got most of the first sock leg finished after not very much effort. Oh, the new thing is always the shiniest thing.

In doing so I also realized that, with a small number of exceptions, my whole sock drawer really is a bunch of Jaywalkers and ribbed socks. This is really awesome, actually, and I have just about stopped wearing commercial socks altogether because I have so many. But I also like socks with patterns on them, and have even designed several such sock patterns in my life. I’m starting to do a mental scroll through some fun cabled sock patterns that I’ve never done yet but have had my eye on – those Tauriel socks from a recent Knitty would be pretty neat, and I like the cabley ambitiousness of the Socks of Angst too. The Delias eucharis socks from Hunter Hammersen’s book have been in my library for a while, as has The Knitter’s Book of Socks, from which I have been ogling Norah Gaughan’s Rocaille socks for ages. And, ever since my Diverting Socks were published last year, I have wanted to make a 2nd pair of them. And that’s basically just the short list of sock dreams from this morning.

The long and the short of it is, I’m going to make sure and get at least one fun and exciting pair of socks onto the needles this summer. I love me my plain and serviceable ribbed socks and Jaywalkers, but cabled socks are humble crowd-stunners in their own way, and I would like to have more of them. There are so many to choose from.

What sock knits are in your future this season?

Happy knitting this Tuesday!


Pattern: Jaywalker, by Grumperina (free Ravelry download)
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, in ‘harrison’






  1. I have pretty much always knit ribbed socks as the yarn is so pretty on it’s own. But, I have a few skeins of solid colored yarn and I too am thinking cables!

  2. Hi Glenna I love reading all of your posts.  Especially keeping up with your works in progress.  I’m curious though….with all those handknit socks, how do you manage to clean them all?  I would love it if you would consider dedicating a post just to the maintenance of socks once they come off the needles. I’ve had terrible luck with washing and being able to wear my socks multiple times.  Usually something goes wrong and now they are small and felted, or too tight.  My favorite were my Armour Road socks.  I loved knitting them, love the fit of them, loved the colour I chose, but unfortunately they are so felted now that they are almost unrecognizable. Anyway, thanks for the knitting inspiration,Brandi Quin

  3. So cool that you knit all your own socks. Quite a feat (feet!).

  4. Linda A. · ·

    I’m just uninspired by socks, it seems. First pair was toe-up. That was years ago and I still haven’t gone back to re-do the cuff with a stretchier bind-off (what I did is too tight). Second pair, begun, ahh 5 years ago or so are still on the needles. Was using magic loop method (and think I like this best). Still, the socks sit! This would drive you crazy, I’m sure, Glenna. I have a twinge of guilt but can’t seem to muster any energy towards changing that. So, it’s on to finishing up the summer scarf on my needles. That will get done. Party to go to this week!

  5. Love the colors! It never hurts to have more socks in progress.

  6. Adriana van Breda · ·

    Oh for the love of Socks!! Thanks for this post… I am always knitting a pair is always a nice way to switch out from a big project and they are so portable. I have knit socks all kinds of ways and found I like double pointed needles from the top down, the best. Right now I am doing a basket weave and simple braided cable pattern by Betty Balcomb ( B&B socks) using Heritage Paints yarn by Cascade. I like these so much I may have to keep them for myself. I will check out the patterns you mentioned and may add them to my list.

  7. Hi Brandi

    Good question! I actually do the hand-wash thing with my knitted socks, using Soak. A little while ago I even blogged about it 😀

    Every so often I do have to toss a pair or two though – the wearing of the socks beats them up a lot, even aside from the washing, so they sadly don’t last forever!


    On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 4:04 PM, Knitting to Stay Sane wrote:


  8. Okay, now I’m fangirling that one of my favorite designers likes my sock pattern! Thanks!

  9. I have a suggestion for another sock pattern to add to your repertoire–the Campfire Socks, the archived one. It’s a very stretchy, kind-of-twisted-rib sock that’s easy to memorize and rather meditative to knit. And it’s free on Ravelry.

  10. Genia P · ·

    The color of your latest Jaywalkers does fill up the eyes! Pretty, pretty…
    Meanwhile, I’m in the middle of doing a pair of charcoal/blue Inversibles in your Nice Ribbed Sock – I do love that pattern. Knitting both socks (on DPNs, not 2-at-a-time), an inch or so of one and then the equivalent amount of the other… Interesting, but I’m not sure I want to do it again.

  11. I’m needing to frog a bit of my Biscotte’s Sheeps – Les moutons de Biscotte to re-do the heel, which is too tight. I love colorwork socks, and I’m making these with Miss Babs yarn that I bought at Rhinebeck last autumn. They’re on hold for the moment. My current favorite sock pattern is Twisted Tweed Socks by Schrodinger. The pattern is super-simple, but looks amazing. I made a pair for my mom and had to make some for myself, too. This may become my go-to. I’m also nearly done with a pair of plain vanilla toe-up socks. It’s been years since I just let the yarn do the talking, and it’s very relaxing.

  12. Skyp socks ar eon my horizon! But hey, your Jaywalkers are great, and there is a lot to be said for knitting a pattern you enjoy multiple times. If you didn’t love it so much, you’d have gone with something else by now.

  13. I can’t believe I’m actually sock-less at the moment. (Just finished a pair of anklet socks for a friend, maybe that counts?) Instead of socks, I’m dragging around a full size (HEAVY) afghan…what’s wrong with this picture?

  14. Melissa C · ·

    I have two pairs of socks going right now – one a simple ribbed pair to take out a knit anywhere and the other – believe it or not – your Diverting pattern. Which I love! But I cannot just knit anywhere, but will be lovely and squishy once finally finished. I do love cables.

  15. Love Jaywalkers and especially love your ribbed socks pattern. Lately I’ve taken to “spiralling” it by moving over one stitch every 6 or so rows. It works especially well with variegated yarns.

  16. I need to try another pair of socks

  17. anastasia · ·

    I have some Jaywalkers on he needles, just working on the heel of the 2nd sock. Some plain socks in really cheap sock yarn that is knitting up kinda weird but I still love the effect. Next up for socks: I am trying to decide on yarn for Kate Atherly’s My Vampire Boyfriend & I’d like to find a simple lace patterned sock & I have 3 Tsock Tsarina kits I’m dying to try out.
    I also have divided my sock yarn into categories – plain, jaywalkers (although I only have 2 more skeins of Lorna’s Laces), shawls, & other.

  18. I love knitting my socks too …. and I have NO store bought socks any more! My mother, aunt, and sister-in-law also appreciate my knitted socks. Next up are Wasabi Peas!

  19. I have a few store bought socks left, but they are reserved for wearing during tasks like painting a room or staining our deck. I usually knit 10 or so pair a year, which is enough for gifts plus refreshing my sock drawer. I rarely knit plain vanilla socks unless it is the only way to properly showcase a wild and crazy yarn.

    Currently I have two pair I am working on: one is sock #2 from a test knit for another designer and one is the round #6 socks from this year’s Sock Madness. I find that Ravelry sock challenges like Sock Madness and Tour de Sock are a great way to spur me on to finish multiple pair in short order. The designs also often have unusual components and I find I learn new techniques or get better at a technique I haven’t tried in years.

  20. I am entering a phase where I do plain socks with self-striping.. it’s very satisfying to watch the pattern develop!

  21. knittingdoctor · ·

    I mostly tend to buy wild and crazy sock yarn, so just plain vanilla socks for me. Fortunately I am rarely bored by plain vanilla.

  22. Oh no…now I want to knit all these socks!!! I have some Jaywalkers in progress and have vowed repeatedly to go outside my comfort zone and knit socks with a construction other than leg-down. But I have several summer tops on the needles too, so socks may have to wait until the weather cools!

  23. I’m really loving Rose City Rollers socks by Mara… (@orangeknits on Instagram)

  24. Barb R · ·

    Winter will be cold again this year. (WEATHERBELL.COM)…so! It’s off to the stash to find sock stuff which was not hard as I separated all my different yarns when we moved last year. Got some OnLine sock yarn for my and Regia for hubby. He specifically asked for more socks as last winter was meeeeeannnnn!! He even needed a pair of emergency mittens in January! Not gonna get stuck this time!
    Cardigan is on the needles now!! Got plans for more hats and scarves!

    Hand wash socks that are made of 100% wool. Be careful as even these may shrink. If you have a hard time with felting, socks may have been knit too loose. Use good sock yarns like OnLine, Regia, Opal, etc. You can always hand wash all socks that are made with yarns designed for socks as well. I have always put mine in the washer and dryer and have had them for years. For so long in fact…I have had to find something to do with them when I don’t want to wear them anymore. The ones that do wear out, I darn them and put them back in service..especially the ones my husband loves. He needs more though….


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