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Thank you for your lovely comments last week on my new Fortuna pattern! I’m pleased with it myself and am glad it is out there in the world. They’re saying this summer is likely to be a milder summer around Ontario so I may end up getting some wear out of it myself right away.


Having a big project come off of the needles is so satisfying, and yet I always have a short while where I have to remind myself what else I wanted to work on next. While I was finishing the cardigan all I could think about was other things I wanted to knit, but now that I can reasonably cast on anything I want, I’ve forgotten what those things were. Well, not entirely – I do want to get more socks on the needles, especially as I’ve managed to cast off my latest pair of ribbed socks (above, in Socks That Rock ‘hard rock’ pink and grey).

There are big projects (well, sweater projects at least) that I want to work on, of my own design and others, but for the moment I’m distracting myself with some smaller knits before diving into the next big thing. I’m still ticking away at the current pair of Jaywalker socks, and I reminded myself that for about a year I’ve wanted to knit a bigger version of my Charlotte St. Cowl that I did up a couple of years ago, so I finally decided to do just that.


I’m doing a ‘medium’ circumference as noted in the pattern modifications, and I’ve got about 800 yards of this nice warm green yarn to work with so I’m thinking about just going for as long as I can possibly stand it, or until the yarn runs out, whichever happens first. Right now as it’s being knitted up it’s in that lace stage of looking like crumpled weeds, but I’m picturing it as a nice fluffy loose cowl to layer up in come September, which will be super.

Hard to believe the weekend is almost here already – my knitting plans are all set, thank goodness! I hope yours are as well. Have you got “big” or “small” projects on your to-do list?

Have a fabulous Thursday knitter friends!


Pattern: Nice Ribbed Sock (free on Ravelry)
Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight, ‘hard rock’ colourway

Pattern: Charlotte St. Cowl
Yarn: Georgian Bay Fibre Co. Fingering weight, ‘tower hill green glass’ colourway






  1. I have a big project (a sweater) that’s actually quite small (it’s cropped, and I’m petite). After having my last sweater on the needles for 7 months, ye gods am I ready for something I can knock out in two months or less! It’s also green, but a bright Kelly rather than the lovely sprout-like shade you’re knitting with. I haven’t knit a shawl in ages, which obviously means it’s time to start planning one!

  2. Kelly Halley · ·

    I’ve got your “ribbed socks” on my needles and working on a stranded pair also. I always say I’m gonna get an early start on my sweater knitting but I never do. Between that and Christmas knitting, I’m lucky to get one finished by spring. Several of your sweater patterns are in my library and I hope someday that I’ll have the time to knit them.

  3. I’m hoping to finish a single skien shawl/scarf by this weekend and then I plan to start a lace shawl from one of the Jane Austin Knits magazines! Just have to figure out the provisional cast on!
    The socks are lovely, as is your Fortuna pattern. I haven’t had much luck with sweaters lately, but I’m thinking about giving it a try. Have to finish my nephew’s vest though (small project, he’s not yet 1)
    Wonderful post as always Glenna 🙂

  4. Susan713 · ·

    I have about three more hours to go on Bridgewater Shawl edging. I am so excited!!
    I think I’ll do some fingerless mitts next then sew together the sweater pieces I finished in March.

  5. anastasia · ·

    I am casting of a shawl in Noro Silk Garden Sock as I type. I just bought yarn for a Colour Affection Shawl ( do you know about my track record with garter stitch?) but I am not allowed to start it until I get some older stuff out of my queue. I need to finish a cardigan I started a while back but have stalled on the sleeves & I told myself I need to make more accessories like mittens & fingerless gloves. Oh & did I mention that I am almost done my first pair of Jaywalkers?

  6. Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog! & my weekend is filled with finishing a pair of superhero dolls 🙂 I couldn’t be happier to put off everything else to get them made!

  7. Lovely socks!
    I’m currently set on finishing all the things. Two pairs of socks are done, today’s project is a Nuvem shawl that was hibernating half-finished in my closet. So liberating! 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Anastasia, I knit a garter stitch pea jacket style sweater in a 12 month size for my niece, and told myself, never again would I knit something totally garter stitch. Then I fell in love with the look of Colour Affection (aka Colour Addiction). The first thing I wanted to do when I finished my cast off row was start a second one… A tip I found online was to add a yarn over to the start of each row (1 or 2 stitches in) and then drop it on the return. It helps the edge not get too tight.
    Hope you love yours as much as I love my two!

  9. Love the socks! Ribbed socks are such a simple and comforting knit 🙂

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