Good job being boring, everyone

For the last week or two my knitting has been a mix of pre-knitting work, for design thoughts and big projects that I’m not ready to actually start yet (swatching, planning, figuring out yarns), and the plain old ‘just getting more rounds in’ kind of knitting that requires mostly just continued elbow grease rather than alert brain cells.

The first category of stuff will start to turn into active projects soon enough, and in the meantime the second category has been seeing some good effort. Really, it’s that second category that takes up the lion’s share of knitting time at some point – when you know what you’re making and it’s not terribly difficult, so it’s just a matter of spending time on the project until you get it done. It can start to feel boring and repetitive after a while, and perseverance is the main skill you’re sharpening more so than anything technical.

At some point, though, perseverance gets you finished things. And closer-to-being-finished things. In the last week I’ve finished a pair of Jaywalker socks…


..started a new pair of ribbed ones…


…and kept up a few more rounds on my Charlotte St. cowl. I’ve even got the 2nd ball of yarn wound up and ready to keep making it as tall as I feel like.


I’m headed away for the weekend and these last two “boring” projects are totally coming with me, but I will of course be tossing another ball of sock yarn in there for a just in case project. Something that might even ask a couple more brain cells of me – airport and airplane knitting are just too good of an opportunity to waste the knitting time in.

So, great job knitters, cranking out the rows and doing the boring bit. You’re doing awesome work.


Pattern: Jaywalker, by Grumperina (free Ravelry download)
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, in ‘harrison’

Pattern: Nice Ribbed Sock (free on Ravelry)
Yarn: Socks That Rock Mediumweight, ‘bleck’ colourway

Pattern: Charlotte St. Cowl
Yarn: Georgian Bay Fibre Co. Fingering weight, ‘tower hill green glass’ colourway






  1. Lori Meyer · ·

    You really can take knitting on an airplane??? I’ve always wondered and just wasted 10 mid air hours that I could have been knitting!!

  2. Christy · ·

    Knitting is very much like quilting. I am not surprised anymore when people say that they could never be a quilter because they don’t have the patience. My response: I don’t know a single patient quilter. We always have at least three projects going at the same time because so much of quilting (knitting) is repetitive and ‘mind freeing.’ While cutting out the pieces, I’m thinking of the next project I’ll cut out. Sometimes the fabric is close by. While sewing the pieces together, I’m already thinking of the quilting (and what I’ll do for a back). While quilting, I’m already pulling together the ideas for a new project. And thus it goes.

    Quilters have a question of each other that resonates with me as a knitter: How many UFO’s do you have? Unfinished Objects. It’s not even a fair question. And I love thinking about how many I have in the works, but I’m thrilled with all of the ones I’ve finished.

    Keep stitching and enjoying the moments for planning new, reflecting on done, and sharing ideas with friends.

  3. Hi, Glenna! Most of my knitting right now is in the pre-knitting stage. I finished up a project yesterday, and need to cast on something simple for knit nite. The other piece I need to cast on takes too much brain power for a social gathering. It really is good to have some of each kind of knitting on the needles!

  4. As long as I am even remotely thinking about knitting, I am happy…although actually knitting is usually happiest. Unless I made a mistake an didn’t notice until 30 rows later.

  5. The boring parts are the best! Those are the ones that you can do while reading! For me those parts that need attention tend to pile up, as there’s only so much of airport and airplane time, but there’s the daily newspaper every day and for that you need that boring knitting.

  6. Christy: Please remove UFO’s from your lexicon – these are not Unfinished Objects, they are WIP’s – Works in Progress. It’s so much more positive, and so much easier to wrap your head around. I have a basket of WIP’s, and every so often I will dig in and finish something.
    Katrine: One of the reasons I love my Kindle is that I can prop it up and read while I knit, and I only have to touch the screen to turn a page, and the pages don’t flip when I can’t hold them down.
    Lori: I won’t fly if I can’t knit – knitting is my Valium!

  7. I seem to be able to finish all my gift knitting, no problem. I usually have a deadline to meet then as I’m knitting for a special occasion, a birthday or whatever. So that project stays front and center. But, knitting for myself seems to have a way of getting stuffed into a drawer and forgotten about. Definitely need to turn that around! I’d really like to wear some of those things. Gosh, the broader implications of that just jumped out at me!

  8. I totally get this. I have some projects that I will work on for so long and get board with them and start something new. I really want to get them finished. I try to keep one of those going along with other stuff. I have one blanket that is still not done 10 years later. I think its time to get it done

  9. Boring knitting is totally my favourite. I consider it productive fidgeting. And I totally agree with the poster above who laughs about people who say they’re not patient enough to ____. Dude. I don’t knit because I’m patient. I’m patient because I knit.

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