Some walking-around cables

Now that it’s July and the unofficial start of summer, I’m reminding myself of my summer knitting goals that I was making for myself back in May when summer seemed forever away and like it will stretch out with lots of time far into the future. In reality, 2 months from now September will arrive and Canadians will be sadly mourning how short summer truly is/was, so basically let’s make this summer count with some fun knitting and patio drinks and some cheezy novels, is what I’m really telling myself.


I decided I would get at least one pair of non-plain socks on the needles this summer, to break up my usual parade of ribbed socks and Jaywalkers, and last weekend I followed through and cast on for Rocaille by Norah Gaughan. I’ve had the Knitter’s Book of Socks on my shelf for a little while and happily stared at the pages many times (as one does with one’s knitting library), and I’m glad to be getting one of its patterns on the needles. (I have also been staring at Elm, by Cookie A, so maybe those will be August’s socks).


These socks had my number because of the cables – I also really like the way they travel around from the back of the leg towards the front, and absorb the ribbing from the cuff. I’m making a couple of modifications, namely working a heel flap and turned heel instead of the indicated afterthought heel (purely for preference – I like the way the heel flap fits my high arches). The pattern also indicates several decrease rounds at the back of the leg, of which I am working fewer than indicated to give me a larger sock circumference. It’s written for only one size (to fit foot/ankle of 8.25″ circumference), so that’s my adjustment to make it a bit roomier for my 9″ foot/ankle circumference.

This pattern definitely requires more attention than plain socks, but i’m hoping that will help stave off the ‘second sock syndrome’ by the time I get to the 2nd one. And they will be very snazzy to wear!

I hope you have some great summer knitting plans as well! Whether socks or otherwise.


Pattern: Rocaille, by Norah Gaughan, in The Knitter’s Book of Socks
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, ‘blue lagoon’ colourway, stashed oh so long ago and finally being knitted






  1. Xanthe · ·

    What a truly fabulous cable pattern! I must admit, I initially thought it was a sleeve of a jumper and was disappointed as I’ve never knit socks before. However, looking at those it might be worth learning how! I’ll just say that I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for a long time, and haven’t ever commented, but I really do get a lot out of your inspiring posts. Keep them coming please!

  2. Linda A · ·

    I keep trying to get excited about knitting socks but haven’t worked up to that, though this post does make it look tempting. I imagine just learning technique alone would be good for my “knitter’s bag of tricks.” Do you knit with DPNs or use the magic loop method? Maybe you can talk about that in a future post?

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I like your attitude: fun knitting, patio drinks, cheezy novels! That cabled sock is gorgeous.

  5. =Tamar · ·

    I like the cabled design, and the yarn on its own as well. But that cable-framed opening just cries out for initials or something.

  6. Summer attitude and flamboyant pattern – I love both!

  7. anastasia · ·

    These are now in my queue. I need to start casting on projects from some of the many books/magazines in my library.

  8. Christy · ·

    Glenna, I agree with you about having an interesting pattern to keep you motivated to finish. I really want to encourage you to use magic loop method to knit both socks at once. It is a little fiddly, but oh so wonderful to have both done nearly simultaneously. And you will not have as much yarn left unused because you were anxious about running out. Summer is reaching into record temps here in S. Nevada. Enjoy the sunshine!

  9. I agree with Tamar! That opening screams for some kind of detail. Does the cable decrease the stretch of the ribbing?

  10. Adriana · ·

    I love to knit socks…happy to see that you do one at a time like me.
    I do cuff down on DPNs. You?

  11. Love the cables!! Gorgeous!!

  12. All sweaters all the time over here. I’m casting on to a mitten tomorrow, followed by a crazy striped hat, strictly for a change of pace.

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  14. Absolutely beautiful pattern and yarn!

  15. Oh, this pair will be stunning! The pattern for these socks scares me, I have to admit. Been looking at it many times, but the chart just looks so intimidating. Can’t wait to see how yours will turn out!

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