We are go for blanket

For the last month or so I’ve been working away on smaller accessory projects – my larger Charlotte St. cowl is even finished now and happily drying on the blocking board as we speak, my Rocaille socks are patiently getting a few rounds at a time done on the second sock – and they’ve been good projects but ultimately I realized that it’s weird for me not to have something bigger to work on at the same time as the small things. I like having something that I can let occupy a big chunk of my brain and maybe even get a little obsessive over, and having only the smaller accessories on the needles hasn’t been doing that for me.

I think this is normally the part in my process of spring-summer where I would start a Pi Shawl or other lace shawl project, but instead this time around I have been thinking a lot about blankets. It’s been about 7 or 8 years since I last knitted a blanket – in other words, long enough that I’ve just about forgotten how long it really takes – so this weekend I just wound up a bunch of yarn and started up on one.

DSC_0287Not just any blanket, mind you. This might not look like much so far, but this is the humble beginning of a Liberty Blanket, from the second Mason Dixon Knitting book by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne. I’ve admired this pattern pretty much since the minute the book came out, and when I realized I had enough yarn already stashed in two contrasting colours to start it right now, that was pretty much the only other barrier removed. DSC_0288

This is a big bold stranded colour-work pattern inspired by the Liberty of London prints (hence the name), so it’s a big enough chart that I don’t anticipate ever being able to commit it to memory. That plus the eventual size means this is definitely going to be a couch project and not a portable one. So, I’m trying to get in several rounds every day to get the first pattern repeat done as quickly as I can (there are five pattern repeats overall, of 70 rounds each).

I am hoping, possibly foolishly, that even if this takes months to get done in the end that I’ll still manage to finish it in time for this coming winter season and it’ll be a super reading blanket for the couch. So as much as I can get done in the first month will be golden. We’ll see how that goes, since all too soon there will be fall sweaters to contend with!

What project are you currently obsessed with, knitter friends? I hope you get to cast on for something “fun” soon!


Pattern: Liberty blanket, in Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines, by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers, #9325 westpoint blue heather and #4006 galaxy heather





  1. Good Lord, that’s an ambitious blanket! You are far braver than I. Good luck!

  2. jennifer b · ·

    What a grand blanket you are making!

  3. Aw, fun. You will finish just in time for the fall frost and official couch snuggling time.

  4. That will be absolutely stunning when you are finished! I love the colors 🙂 I’m currently working on a test knit (my last blog post was about it) and my forever take along, the Sockhead Hat.

  5. love your big ambitious liberty blanket project, it’s going to be awesome! And it’s good to have a big project to chip away at home- it justifies smaller, portable projects on the go. 😉

  6. Di Ross · ·

    Now that’s a project!

  7. I’m obsessed with winter hats for my wee one

  8. anastasia · ·

    I just cast on some yarn I bought while at the Stratford Festival a couple years ago because I said I can’t buy any more yarn from a specific place until I use up some bought on a previous trip. So I cast on the Springtime Bandit shawl & I am wishing I had bought an extra skein to make the matching hat. I have exactly 2 weeks to finish this shawl & I anticipate I should be able to finish it because I am in love with the pattern.

  9. I was thinking the same thing that carolynmcb said!

  10. Great pattern 🙂 I definitely need to knit this before fall ! I love the colors you have chosen !

  11. Wow! You’re a braver woman than me! That’s the sort of project that I would start with great enthusiasm and then find in the back of a cupboard 5 or 6 years down the line!!! Can’t wait to see yours finished tho. xxxx

  12. Certainly a winter project, at least here in Northern Michigan – but what a wonderful way to keep warm!

  13. More power to you! This would be a death wish for me. I would destroy that yarn and lose my place in the pattern long before I ever got even half way done. That’s what happens to my large patterns, which is probably why I stick to knitting accessories!

  14. Love this project, and had visions of starting it until I saw the 5 letter word “steek”. That scares me. I think my first steek should be a couple of inches instead of a blanket. Beautiful pattern though.

  15. I just finished a massive blanket – full of cables but not colourwork (which to be honest still kind of scares me!) and I’m in opposite-land now. All I want to do are the small projects!!

  16. Serenova · ·

    Good luck! I’ve been thinking about that blanket myself. I’ve never steeked anything though and that may not be the best place to start. 😛

    I’m focusing on the two sock projects I have on the needles and a large lace shawl that has been languishing for far too long and deserves to be finished. 🙂

  17. kraftykreationscardsandcrochet · ·

    This is really pretty! I love the design that is incorporated into the knit 🙂

  18. great idea! I too always like a larger project alongside my smaller ones – I’ve got 2 on the go though, pretty ambitious! I’m crocheting a straightforward granny square blanket, trying to use up as much of my stash as I can before I buy lots more for Christmas! And working on a knitted sweater vest, which I’ve modified a lot (my first modification! nervous, but exciting to think about) can’t wait to see the finished blanket, good luck! jenny xx

  19. That blanket is going to be wonderful. What yarn are you using?

  20. I just saw the yarn at the bottom of your post. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  21. That’s a beautiful blanket! I am also knitting a blanket: I’m close to the finish line and can’t wait to get back to the summer tops I have in progress!

  22. Ha! You make pi-shawl knitting sound a lot like childbirth. By the time you get pregnant with the second you’ve forgotten how uncomfortable it was the first time.

  23. Cindy in Texas · ·

    I am currently addicted to Knit picks Hue Shift Afghan. My daughter was working on one and I liked it so much that I had to make one too. I finished the one in bright rainbow colors while visiting my mother and she liked it so much that I left it for her. My sister liked it so much that she ordered the kit. I then ordered the one in pastels and finished it up for my neice as a housewarming gift. Now I am making myself (at least that’s the plan) the one in jewel tone colors. Because the color combinations change so frequently, I am finding that it never gets boring. Very rewarding project!

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  25. […] first one, and then, well, I suppose Second Sock Sydrome hit me and then I started casting on for all the blankets instead, and I am amazed to discover that the second sock didn’t miraculously knit […]

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