Not quite done yet

So, about a week ago I finished the Charlotte St. Cowl I was working on, a larger version of my original pattern. Or at least I thought I was finished.

It looks lovely and after blocking it’s turned out light and lofty and just perfect for the BFL wool yarn (100% wool is airier and holds up a little more structure than superwash wool does). It was totally done.


But when I slipped it on it just wasn’t quite as tall and snuggly as I’d wanted it to be, and since I’ve got more than half a ball of yarn left there’s really no reason not to keep knitting it more. I think I stopped knitting when I started to get tired of it, rather than when it needed to be stopped, and since I’ve still got more yarn I decided to pull out the last bit of ribbing, and pick up the pattern where I left off.


Using 100% wool means you can be a little more cavalier about picking up live stitches in a row of lace knitting (wool sticks to itself and doesn’t want to drop down as quickly as superwash wool or some other fibres might), but all the same I decided not to be too fussy about picking them all up in the right direction and just got them all on the needles. Some of the stitches got picked up from the front and others from the back (this affects your stitch orientation), so then when I worked the first round after picking up, I also had to go and re-orient all the stitches the right way around on the needle. Fussy, but worth it! It will all sit nicely in the end.

This weekend I will be heading out on some travels west – visiting family in Edmonton and then a few days of leisure in Vancouver – so this will be coming along with me for travel knitting. I’ll also bring the current pair of socks on the needles, and a new sweater project to start on. Hopefully that’ll be enough for a week!

Have a great weekend, blog friends!


Pattern: Charlotte St. Cowl (‘medium’ modification made taller)
Yarn: Georgian Bay Fibre Co. bayfield fingering weight, ‘tower hill green glass’ colourway







  1. eatcoastal · ·

    HATE ripping out and picking up, but totally get it. It’s gorgeous. Safe travels.!

  2. Christy · ·

    Great idea. Just do the work now while you have the pattern in your fingers and head. The result will be so worthwhile.

    Hope you get back to a home that stayed in good repair while you were gone and not like last time you went west!!!

  3. This is pretty! Love the stitch pattern šŸ™‚

  4. I am slightly in awe of anyone who undoes a finished project to redo it. But I know you will love the cowl.v2!

  5. twistedsticks · ·

    That is lovely. I have done that before, just getting them back on the needle and then fixing them as I go. Less stress that way. Envy your trip to Vancouver. I have been there just once and that was on a bus driving to the cruise ship. My hubby and I would love to come and stay awhile!

  6. Oh it is lovely. Good to know about super wash vs good ol fashioned wool. Thanks!

  7. I applaud your patience – nothing worse I think than having to rip out and pick up and add to something you were happy you’d (though you had) finished! But really kudos to your patience, I have none of that and if I had to re-orient my stitches I can pretty much guarantee I wouldn’t šŸ™‚ jenny xx

  8. anastasia · ·

    Curious to know, what method did you use to re-attach your yarn (once you get to the end of the bit you ripped out)?

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