Anything goes season

I have made peace with the fact that the month of August, for me at least, is going to involve as much knitting time as I can possibly fit into it – and also still a bit of crochet, as will be the case for the next little while as the granny squares take shape. I’ve got some deadline design knitting to do, which is always a fun time crunch, along with the other projects I’ve been keeping in the rotation this summer.


Fall knitting is already a realistic prospect by this month too, even though it’s still plenty warm and summery outside that wearing sweaters seems very far away. I decided to get a good start on things in that area while on vacation at the end of July, and am chugging away at a new fall cardigan design. (Unsurprisingly for me, it has some cables.) This is some gorgeous Bayfield Aran from Georgian Bay Fibre Co., and I’m loving the 100% BFL wool. I knit with a lot of different wool yarns over the course of my knitting year, and I do enjoy the machine-washable superwash yarns but it’s also really nice to have true wool on the needles for a while. It feels and smells like real wool and is going to be super warm and cozy when it’s done.


While I can’t say I’m in a rush to experience the cooler temperatures that sweater-weather requires, the knitting part is definitely just fine. Wool is awesome, and so are sweaters. All projects are invited to the WIP pile this month, as far as I’m concerned. I’ll rotate them around and everyone will get their action time!

Happy knitting this Tuesday, knitter friends!


Pattern: Cardigan design in progress, for Fall 2015 release

Yarn: Bayfield Aran in ‘wrought iron tower hilil’ colourway, from Georgian Bay Fibre Co. (Note their online shop will be closed for a break August 17th-Sept 15th).





  1. So beautiful. I am using your recent sock post as a guide to knitting my first pair. So far, so good!

  2. I love the textures in that teaser. I just wish they didn’t use so much more yarn!

  3. That looks like it is going to be GORGEOUS.

  4. Simply beautiful. Love it.

  5. That design (like your others) is gorgeous – – I had this urge to turn on the air conditioning and start knitting a wool sweater in this 80 degree weather! Thanks for the inspiration, I’ll wait patiently for the pattern and cooler weather!

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