Wrapping it up

It’s the last gasps of summer around these parts – Labour Day weekend hits this weekend and it’s back to school soon, and the temperatures have hit peak heat and humidity just to make sure we all realize that it’s still summer for a wee little bit longer. I mean sure, it’s also just over a month until Thanksgiving, and a week after that is Rhinebeck, and, uh, sweater season is probably coming up soon and, uh, um…

Okay but it’s still summer for a little bit, so I am spending a bit of time this week trying to put the final press on some projects I started over the last couple of months but haven’t managed to wrap up yet. I enjoyed quite a bit of “start-itis” over this season and now, well, the works in progress have to come home to roost.

Jaywalkers-Sept4My current ‘purse knitting’ project since the end of July has been this pair of Jaywalkers in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd sock. I am looking forward to having this new pair to wear in the coming fall season, because it’s a nice neutral blend of purples and I think it’ll see a lot of action to go with jeans and everyday clothes. Those same qualities make it a little less snappy to look at by the time I get to the second sock, though, so this week I’ve been taking advantage of all my transit knitting time that I can get and turning out some rounds on these. (This weekend I’ll also have some standing-in-line time to fill, so purse socks-in-progress to the rescue!)


I’ve also remembered about the Rocaille Socks I started at the end of July. I really liked the first one, and then, well, I suppose Second Sock Sydrome hit me and then I started casting on for all the blankets instead, and I am amazed to discover that the second sock didn’t miraculously knit itself while stuffed away in its project bag for 2 months. Hmph.

The good news is the time out doesn’t seem to have done too much harm – I still like the pattern – and so I’m plugging away at these this week as well. One of my summer goals was to get a non-plain pair of socks knitted, so I should be able to get pretty close on that one.


Also, my first fall sweater pattern is almost ready for the finish line, as these snuggly dark brown cables just need one more cardigan front and a bit of finishing and then they’ll turn into a finished sweater. I’ve been enjoying this combination of cables and textured stitches and am pretty pleased with the results so far.

And finally, last but certainly not least in the Work In Progress category – this blog has received a long overdue facelift! I’ve updated the format (which should also be a bit more mobile-device-friendly, if you’re reading on your phone or tablet), have a nifty new logo design from an awesome local logo designer, and am now glennaknits.com. Past links to my old URL will redirect to the new one, but if not, feel free to update your bookmarks and links. This year marks my 10th year of blogging, so it was time to freshen things up and I am pleased with the new look – I hope you like it too!

Have a great weekend, knitter friends – I hope you have some good works in progress to spend time with!


Pattern: Rocaille, by Norah Gaughan, in The Knitter’s Book of Socks
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, ‘blue lagoon’ colourway, stashed oh so long ago and finally being knitted

Pattern: Jaywalker, by Grumperina (free Ravelry download)
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, in ‘hermosa’

Pattern: Cardigan design in progress, for Fall 2015 release
Yarn: Bayfield Aran in ‘wrought iron tower hilil’ colourway, from Georgian Bay Fibre Co. (Note their online shop will be closed for a break August 17th-Sept 15th).





  1. Your new blog design looks great as do all your WIPs. I keep switching from WIP to WIP too and wish I could just focus and finish one. Looking forward to seeing your new design – it looks super cozy!

  2. LOVE the colour of the sock who wouldn’t knit itself. Gorgeous. And your sweater, also. I’m planning to go on a full-fledged needle attack for the long weekend. Enjoy your projects!

  3. All those WIPs look fantastic! I always love your yarn choices!
    The new blog facelift looks wonderful too 🙂

  4. Nice new look, Glenna. Yes, a decade with one logo is enough. Love all the projects and the great planning you do for the wait times.

  5. Susanna Low · ·

    “Knitting to stay sane” was what attracted me to this blog. By now I enjoy reading about your projects and get inspired or encouraged for my own. So I’m happy to follow Glenn’s Knits now and look forward to a busy fall season!

  6. Glenna, I knit socks, but I’m no expert. The first sock photo above looks like you are knitting in between the top of the sock and the heel. What is happening there? Is it an afterthought heel?

  7. Diane Cooper · ·

    Lovely projects!! When I read books, I can only have one going at a time… Apparently I don’t knit that way- lots of WIPs!!! I see you do your socks on dpns and circs. Is there one you prefer over the other, or is it pattern related? I am new to socks- just trying to finish my first one…

  8. anastasia · ·

    I’m still waiting for my Jaywalkers to finish themselves too.

  9. Love the colours in that first project photographed!

    I’ve got started on a v simple WIP to ease me back into the knitting game – in an oh-so-subtle fuschia and scarlet combination! o_0


  10. Your new bloglook is awesome ! As are your WIPs… I am quite curious about that fall design.
    And frankly, a little jealous of your ‘standing-in-line-time’ to knit, or rather, about having such a fun expo in your neighbourhood… 😉 Hope you’ll enjoy it and have a lovely weekend !

  11. Congratulations on a decade!

  12. Congrats on the 10-year milestone! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for along time–really enjoy your conversational writing. By the way, your blog re-do looks awesome! Very clean.

  13. Congratulations on 10 years of blogging! I’ve been following you for about 3 years now, and I have loved every post and picture!
    I adore the color of your Jaywalkers– have you ever considered doing (or done) a post with pictures of you wearing the socks in shoes? I love the idea of knitting my own socks to wear out in public (I’ve only done house socks so far), but I’m not sure what kind of shoes they would look nice with. What are your favorite sock-shoe combinations?

  14. I like the new look! You’ve reminded me, I’ve got some Jaywalkers lurking too…

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  16. Liking the look of the revised website. Now if I could only be as disciplined as you to pull WIP out, and WORK on them. I can do the first, but not the second…

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