Nothing left but the buttons

It’s been a finishing party around here for the last couple days, as I finally get my latest sweater design prepped and ready for both pattern release and general wear (I’ll have a new sweater to wear to Rhinebeck, which pleases me greatly). The finishing part of sweaters always takes longer than I’d like, emotionally, because in my head the big work of knitting the component parts is already done, but of course seaming (if you’re working in pieces) takes a bit of time, as does picking up for a button-band and collar. Even if you’re making a seamless pullover, there’s always some finishing to get done.

Sept11-Finishing1I still remember very distinctly, though, the first time I actually took the time to learn the proper technique for sewing up a vertical seam (It was from reading the technique section in Stitch n Bitch, a book I still recommend for beginners because the reference chapters at the beginning are excellent), and it made so much difference. I knitted a couple of sweaters before I got to that point, and must have seamed them up somehow, but I’m not sure how I did it and I’m not sure I want to think about how it must have looked. (If you’re still new to seaming, this quick photo reference set from Vogue Knitting is great for multiple types of vertical seams, and there are oodles of YouTube video tutorials as well).



Doing the finishing is admittedly not my favourite part of the knitting process (I’d rather knit the pretty cables and textured stitches), but doing it does dramatically increase your chances of getting a finished sweater, so, let’s just get on with it and get ‘er done, right? Right.

Once I get some proper photos of this lovely bunch of cables, it’ll be available in wide release next week, so here’s looking forward to that! And also here’s looking forward to the cool weather that’ll let us wear our lovely knitted things for real. This is 100% wool from Georgian Bay Fibre Co. and it is not fooling around. I can’t wait to do more projects with it. Sweater weather’s almost here.

Have a great weekend knitter friends!


Pattern: Cardigan design in progress, for Fall 2015 release
Yarn: Bayfield Aran in ‘wrought iron tower hilil’ colourway, from Georgian Bay Fibre Co.




  1. I love the combination of texture and cables……it looks awesome!!!

  2. Missy's Crafty Mess · ·

    That is a stunning sweater

  3. Michelle Dry · ·

    Beautiful stich definition. I hate finishing as well but I learned the correct way of doing it by taking a class at a yarn shop that is no longer. How lucky I was!

  4. The stitch pattern and color are both beautiful!.

  5. Lovely color. Can’t wait to see the whole sweater!

  6. That sweater is beautiful. I’m excited for the release next week as I have sweater quantity wool ready and waiting. I hope they match up!

    I actually love finishing the seams almost as much as I love the knitting.

  7. eatcoastal · ·


  8. Very classy Glenna. Finishing is not my favorite aspect of knitting either. Hurumph.

  9. Just to put the value of finishing in perspective: A local shop (no longer in business) charged over $100 to finish projects for their patrons. It was smart business sense since the knitter was then ready to buy more yarn, patterns, findings, etc. My point, though, is that learning and perfecting the finishing should be as important as making the fabric.

    Glenna, your work is exquisite. The pattern revelation will be another credit to your creativity and abilities.

  10. I have sweater pieces I finished in April that have been waiting all summer for seaming. I’m going to start seaming today and get ‘er done! Thanks for the motivational boost!

  11. Chris McColeman · ·

    I thought the sweater pattern looked a bit familiar. Sorry I didn’t recognise you at the Knitters Fair and I do follow your blog.

  12. That is gorgeous!
    I kind of like when finishing takes a while because it puts off the overwhelming feeling I get trying to figure out what to cast on next. Weird, I know. It’s good to have another WIP or two going so I don’t get decision overload.

  13. Beautiful! And agree on the stitching techniques. I even make projects where I knit together the pieces along the way; it is a bit cumbersome but makes a beautiful “seam”.

  14. MicheleStitches · ·

    I agree…finishing can make or break a project. I had an excellent knitter-friend who happily paid me to do her seaming and finishing because she did not enjoy the process & she loved my meticulous approach. I can’t wait to see the new pattern released in all its glory!!

  15. twistedsticks · ·

    Just beautiful!!

  16. I love seaming!! Also, Kitchener Stitch. What I really hate is weaving in ends, even if it is only 2 or 3. I have so many almost done projects sitting around right now because of that.

    The sweater is beautiful.

  17. Excited to see photos of that finished sweater! I love how each knitter has a bunch of finishing tasks they dislike, and some they absolutely love. I’m the worst for sewing on buttons to finish my cardigans, but give me a good solid mile of vertical mattress stitch and I’m in love.

  18. Love the color. cant wait to see it finished

  19. It looks lovely! Congrats on getting it finished for the festival and for the release of the pattern!

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