Twist Collective: Bonspiel cardigan

One of the odd things about knitting design is the delay that happens between knitting something up and its final release to the world. This summer I had the pleasure of knitting up another pattern for Twist Collective, and last week it went live! I’m so pleased to show you my Bonspiel cardigan, featured in the current Winter 2015 issue of Twist Collective. (All photos by Crissy Jarvis for Twist Collective – and they are gorgeous!)


I had fun with this one, incorporating a scrolling cabled motif over the front and back (I do so love cabled stitches), with some bold ribbing at cuffs and sides to balance out the cables with a sporty, everyday look. Combined with the hoodie, it’s so cozy looking I’m a little wistful the sample size is a bit too small for me. I’ll definitely be making one of these for myself in the future! (Do I have too many WIPs right now? How many is too many? Wait don’t answer that…)


The yarn is Halcyon Botanica, which is a nice wooly Aran weight yarn at a stockinette gauge of 17 sts/4 inches. It’s a bottom-up cardigan worked in pieces, using set-in sleeves, no waist shaping, and a button-band to finish off the works. Overall I’m really pleased with this one!


The Winter issue has a lot of awesome patterns in it – I’m also eyeing the Kennemerland accessories set for some ambitious knitting one day, as well as the too-fun Zepp socks. Winter is prime knitting season, anything goes!

I hope your winter knitting plans are coming along well. Mine are definitely in progress, although the word “plan” might be a bit generous. It’s more of a “knit whatever my brain feels like” experience at the moment. Knitting is the important thing, though.

Happy Monday, knitter friends!





  1. What a fun sweater!

    But enquiring minds ask: is that a legal broom or one of those high tech jobs that are so controversial? 😉 (In case you are wondering, I have to go back to grandparents to find anyone born outside California, so I’ve never curled, just been reading about it in the NYT.)

  2. That is really a go-to sweater for late fall and winter…a what a gorgeous, good-for-the-soul color!

  3. knittedblissjc · ·

    such an incredible sweater, those cables look amazing!! congrats on your new design.

  4. Super cute!

  5. What a cozy looking sweater! Great job Glenna!

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  7. Gorgeous sweater!

    @Jamie – ha! that’s one of the first things I noticed as a curler in that issue (the sock shoot in particular made me cringe – no body parts touching the ice without shoes!). The models were obviously not curlers, but also yes, that brand of broom is one of the high-tech deals that are being scrutinized on the professional level 🙂

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