Back in the groove

This past weekend I managed to put in some serious knitting productivity time, and it was great. Or, more accurately – what I did was catch up on about twelve hours of unwatched television, and had my knitting in my hands the whole time while I did that. As a result my brain may now be convinced that Sleepy Hollow, Elementary, and Supergirl all take place in the same television universe (I’m not sure which universe, exactly, but I do know that its crime-solving capacities are outstanding), but what I also did was get some significant time in on the Venezia pullover.


My time with this project has by and large been spent in small increments of an hour or so or less, so it was great to finally get a big chunk of time with it and let my brain start to really absorb the charts and the colour progression. It’s also enough time to let my brain fall in love with the colour scheme all over again, then decide it’s completely wrong, then come back around and remember that it’s fantastic. I expect that to be a recurring journey of indecision until more of the fabric takes shape, but never fear that I am in fact committed and there will be no ripping out to re-knit in a different colour combination at this point. It’s all part of the fun of making up your own substitute palette, though.


My main challenge right now is making sure I don’t lose too much of the momentum. Now that my brain has remembered the charts a bit (I knitted this same sweater about seven years ago and wanted a re-do), the main difficulty is just to keep going. It’s so easy to let my brain stray to different and new projects – that is an ongoing challenge, let’s face it, but more so when December is nigh and I get ambitious ideas of gifts for self and others – so I’m going to keep knitting away at it and see how it goes! Hoping to love it more and more as the rounds take shape.

I hope you’ve got some great projects on the go this week, knitter friends! Keep the focus on, we’ll manage it together.

Happy Monday!


Pattern: Venezia Pullover, by Eunny Jang

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette, including: Cream, Finnley Heather, Hare Heather, Oregon Coast Heather, Autumn Heather, Rooibos Heather, Clove Heather, Shire Heather, Forest Heather






  1. Wow, I love the look of that design! And the colors do look great together

  2. V o n n a · ·

    I had a project like this. Where I kept falling in and out of love with it. I persevered and wound up loving it enough to do it again.

  3. Now that I see that second sequence of green (in the top pic), I’m
    liking this much better than in the swatch. Looks like it’s going to work!
    Knit on!!

  4. this is going to be spectacular–i love that soft palette hugs, Julierose

  5. Gorgeous! And today I read your tutorial on how to knit cables without a cable needle, when I get up enough nerve, I will try it. Not at the moment though, as I am making a Justification cardigan and don’t want to risk dropping a stitch.

  6. I want this sweater. Question is, do I want it bad enough? Yeah.

  7. had to laugh at the thought of those shows all living together!!!! love the sweater!!!!

  8. Diane Cooper · ·

    Those colours are fantastic! Love how it is shaping up- but as a newish knitter, this definitely does not qualify as TV knitting to me!!! Good job!

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