I thought December had more time


Knitter friends, if you are like me, you may be still a bit behind on the couple of knitted gifts you intend to make. If so, I suspect we are well in the realm of normal behaviour at this time of year, and I suggest we all pull up a cozy chair and a cup of cheer and just be cool with that. Somebody has to try the festive cocktails and cookie recipes Big Holiday Food And Drink keep pushing on us, right?


What is bumming me out hard, though, is realizing that it’s only 2 more weeks until the end of 2015, and I really did somehow believe I’d have more of my Works In Progress projects finished by now. I like casting on a new project on Christmas as a gift to myself and my damn conscience has a hard time letting me feel relaxed about that with the spectre of 2 unfinished sweaters, 2 unfinished blankets, a Pi Shawl and a pear tree. (Okay, maybe not the pear tree). Do I need to cast on a smaller project to finish quickly and take the edge off? Do I just forge ahead on something unfinished until that thing is done? I am not sure yet.

Anyway, I’m going to make peace with all of these things while continuing the occasional flurry of granny squares. Take that, guilt-inducing WIPs pile. (That’s 123 complete squares now, and another 57 that just need borders. I’m about at the halfway point now.)

I hope your gift knitting is moving at a good pace, and that if you don’t have gift knitting to do, you have something fun to knit on! Knitting on, is after all, the important thing.


Project: Granny square afghan squares (classic granny square pattern – tutorials widely available on the web and YouTube), 3.0mm crochet hook

Yarn: Miscellaneous sock yarn stash leftovers, including Tanis Fiber Arts sock, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock, Madelinetosh sock, Dream In Color Smooshy, Van Der Rock sock (no longer available), Indigodragonfly sock, Miss Babs sock, and more. Border yarn is Sweet Georgia ‘Tough Love Sock’ in birch.






  1. A week to go until Christmas eve, and I still have two jumpers/sweaters to do – luckily, both are children’s jumpers, knit on size 5 and size 6 needles…. The first needs the yoke (stranded knitting), the other one pretty much everything, only the hem is done so far.

  2. oh – and I forgot the cowl….

  3. Yesterday as I finished a pair of socks for my (tall, big-footed) son, I was worried that I still had a man’s scarf, pair of men’s fingerless mitts, and a cowl (none of which had been started) to knit, block, and wrap before Xmas day. What a relief when I spotted a man’s scarf hiding in the gift pile I keep in the linen closet! Both the cowl and the mitts are relatively quick knits, so I might actually finish on time this year (a new accomplishment for me).

  4. The doctor is in. You’ve nailed it, Glenna. I suffer from all the same symptoms. So what sort of name should we give this knitterly anxiety?
    (Think I’ll sip some holiday glogg and knit awhile (on something, anything) while I think about this.)

  5. Absolutely cast on something small! A sweater for my one year old is just the kind of progress I need to ignore those other 3 projects I’m trying to finish. . .

  6. I’ve got 7 gifts finished and two more cowls to go for my in-laws (one just cast on yesterday). I’m so tired of knitting with black yarn and it will be a relief when I finish and can work on my more colorful socks and sweater 🙂 I know the gifts will not get there before Christmas now; however my in-laws are understanding with all that I’ve gone through since October.

    I did put a blanket and hat in the mail today for my nephews and hope it gets there on time! If not, they’ll have something to look forward to after Christmas. No more stressing for me as I start my holiday vacation 🙂

  7. I decided last week to knit some convertible mitts as a Christmas gift for my nephew who works out of doors. Haven’t knit these before and wasn’t very confident about the results. Halfway through the first one I decided i needed a Plan B, so I ran out and bought bulky yarn to make a cowl if the mitts don’t work. Mitt 1 just needs a thumb but looks a little weird. Problem is by the time I knit mitt 2 and decide if they’ll do, it will be too late for plan B if they won’t do! Why don’t I think of and start these Christmas projects in the summer instead of waiting until December??

  8. twistedsticks · ·

    Merry Christmas to all or however you celebrate the holidays. I am working on the Farmhouse Shawl using Brown Sheep Nature Spin in a butterscotch color. I have been doing so much charity knitting I thought it was time for a little personal charity.

    Christmas is quiet in our house and I intend to spend it with a good cup of tea and my knitting!

  9. I’m weaving gifts, and I’ve already told everyone their gifts will be late. I have 6 gifts yet to make…plus a baby gift for a baby due in early January. The deadline is sooner for me, though. The grandparents-to-be are heading to expectant daughter’s house right after Christmas, and I want to send the gift with them instead of having to mail it. That makes baby gift top priority at the moment…

  10. I knitted Christmas gifts for the whole family last year and I loved doing it. I’m not knitting any gifts this year and I love that I’m not doing it. Works both ways.

  11. anastasia · ·

    I started a new shawl this week because I am stuck in garter stitch hell, I have a 2nd sock to cast on but I want to match the stripes so it may take a couple tries & I want to finish a sweater (gauge issues n the 2nd sleeve). I want to start another sweater soon plus there are more shawls & two more pairs of Jaywalkers calling my name.

  12. I got stuff done for the kids but missed the post cut off here in Australia. Will mail out after the holidays

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