Either very behind or very ahead

Knitter friends, how is your post-New Year knitting world taking shape? Have you been filled with the start-itis impulse to cast on everything you were holding off on before gift-knitting season took over? Or perhaps you are in the doldrums of the dark and cold of January and are just plain looking for something new to hold your interest.

This last one is my usual situation for this time of year. I routinely forget that January is just The Worst in may ways – it’s the coldest, the darkest, and seemingly the longest month of the year, and with no extended holiday break to look forward to at the end of it. The reward for getting through January is February, which let’s face it is also pretty brisk around here. The only way out is through, though, so it helps to have some cheerful knitting to look at in the evenings!


I find myself in a very similar position as I was in before the holidays, actually, in the sense that I am looking for the reward of finishing something. Despite casting off a few gift projects in December I still have about half a dozen Works In Progress to ponder, so my January goal is just to finish at least one thing, or at the very least make good progress in that area.

I am also trying to sow some productive seeds for the year ahead, and try to get in some gift knitting throughout the year. It’s the kind of thing prepared knitters always say they do, and I always think heck yes that would be super awesome. So I’m trying that out and am going to make 2016 the year of knitting socks for other people throughout the year (among other things – I have other 2016 goals, never fear). I’m starting out with this pair of ribbed socks in Patons Kroy, a nostalgic favourite of mine that has recently taken on new life with some updated stripey colours. The first fingering-weight pair of socks I ever knitted was in Patons Kroy and it is still going strong in my sock drawer.


This particular pair started out with a very strong showing as movie theatre knitting at the beginning of the month (took me through Spotlight and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, both fabulous), and now it’s transitioned to being a handbag project that I can pick up in transit whenever. Seeing the new colour come up in the stripe progression is pretty great.

What’s keeping your knitting needles busy this week? I hope it’s something you’re enjoying! Until next time.


Pattern: A Nice Ribbed Sock (by me)
Yarn: Kroy Sock by Patons, in ‘blue stripe ragg’ colourway


  1. I finally cast off and blocked a test shawlette…I’m so bummed I can’t post pictures yet and the anticipation is killing me because it is very beautiful. I am very happy that I am picking my WIPs back up that I put on the back burner for holiday knitting. I too want to make sure that I get in gift knitting throughout the year so it won’t be a mad rush during the holiday time. Do you ask your intended recipient their foot size prior to knitting them socks? I always wondered how people gifted them without the foot there for sizing πŸ™‚

  2. On my shirt circular this week….a pair of nice ribbed socks πŸ™‚ Thank you for the easy to follow pattern, this is my third pair of socks and the first to deviate from the standard stocking stitch.

  3. twistedsticks · ·

    I can’t believe you can knit at the movies and on double pointed needles! I have never been able to knit without looking at my work.

    I love that stripe! Enjoy your February!

  4. suzanne schulte · ·

    Two finished objects so far this month – a vest for my 6 year old grand daughter and my Level 2 binder for TKGA (which includes the vest). I was sooo ready for something completely different -so I started a quilt. πŸ™‚ Never fear, I didn’t totally abandon knitting, I still have a pair of nice ribbed socks on my needles that I hope to finish before month end.

  5. Thanks for the great picture of and enthusiasm for socks knit in an affordable and easy to find yarn. So many knitting projects that make it into pictures are made with gorgeous yet seriously expensive yarns that are a bit out of my league as a penny-pinching novice. I do enjoy drooling over all of your amazing knits, but it really cheered me up to see something knit with what is often the best I can buy on sale at the craft store.

  6. Whew. Still working on the sweater. (With a break for a friend who deserved a special chemo hat). I am SO loving being back in the groove.

  7. I’m into straight stockinette on Rowan Kidsilk Haze and can’t leave
    it alone, despite other unfinished things. It’s bliss (except when I drop a
    stitch and rip down to the problem. That cuts into the “bliss” this yarn
    normally provides, especially in this dark color, that’s for sure). Still, I’m making
    good progress.
    That sock yarn looks interesting. Good project for gifts. Since you whip those
    babies out quickly, there will be time for other knitting challenges … which I’m sure you’ll
    come up with.

  8. I made socks in this yarn using your pattern & wore them today!

    Thank you so much, your pattern is my go-to sock pattern.

    I have 2 socks on the needles, one sport & one fingering. A wrap & sweater currently hibernating but that hasn’t stopped me from looking for other projects to cast on.

  9. Feeling a little scattered. I’m usually a fairly monogamous knitter, but right now I have a slightly neglected KAL shawl with lace and beads, plus another pillow with glorious cabling and garter stitch (log cabin style), yarn that just arrived for a design project, and I feel myself being sucked into the #bangoutasweater kal (see Instagram). But I did finish two long loop cowls this month, so I’m not a complete slacker. Just a scattered one! I’m glad you’re getting some gift knitting done; that hasn’t even crossed my radar.

  10. Funny. I received some Kroy Socks for Christmas. I actually thought it had been discontinued. It turns out it’s just been altered. Patons Kroy was my second pair of socks many moons ago.

  11. Sadly tennis and climbers elbow. I am on orders to rest my arms for 6 weeks until they heal completely. Nothing has been made 😦

  12. Nice stripes! I have a sweater that is almost to the yoke–hooray!

  13. I’m trying to work on one project at a time, except one project is now 3. How it happens… I don’t know!

  14. Socks and finishing a sweater that was an Xmas gift.

  15. I’ve just finished a pair of socks for me and find myself tempted by the colours in yours πŸ’™

  16. Diane Cooper · ·

    I haven’t a clue how you can knit in a movie theater!! (never mind through Star Wars… ) πŸ˜‰

    I have some Kroy yarn on my needles as well! Glad to hear it is a good cheap yarn! I have some fancy sock yarn that I have bought, but I am waiting to use it until I get the hang of this “sock thing”…. Glad to report that in 2016 I have already completed a baby hat and mitts, mostly done a dog sweater and mostly done the first sock of a pair- that is a lot for this newish kntter!!!

  17. You are so brave to knit in the cinema! Here in the UK you’d get glared down for even thinking about it.

  18. LoriAngela · ·

    I’m knitting the same socks for me because the gifted socks for my son fit so beautifully.

  19. I was so excited because 2016 was supposed to be the year of selfish knitting and now I’m just not feeling it… My knitting mojo has disappeared!!

  20. I was working hard at not buying yarn, but Gray! and Colorful Stripes! I NEED that yarn.

  21. I had to smile when I saw the pictures. Right now my feet are wrapped in a pair of socks the same colour. Love Kroy sock yarn.

  22. GeniaKnitz · ·

    Just realized the pair of socks I’m working on now are also Patons Blue Striped Ragg in your Nice Ribbed Sock pattern! (Bet you finish first…)

  23. nancy from mass · ·

    Right now I have an irish knit sweater on my needles (lots of different cables). this is actually the second time I knit this sweater – the first time was 4 years ago (it was a little large then) but i lost weight and it was swimming on me, so, i frogged it, reprinted the pattern and i’m off to the races again! I started it saturday and have about 16″ done on the back before I start separating for the shoulders. I also have a skein of Kroy yarn in my yarn box waiting for me to cast on a pair of socks for myself.

    I typically knit at my son’s karate class (they call me “Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts” lady!) but would probably knit at the movies if i ever went. I usually have my knitting bag everywhere and knit at work during lunch. the hardest part is on the days i work from home….i can see my bag from where i’m sitting…so tempting.

    I do love the sound of my needles in use.

  24. Peggy Wallace · ·

    Several projects – all from the Stash. After going a bit crazy during the Year of the Ram (2015) decided that some restraint was needed. No more yarn purchases (at least for a couple of months in 2016). So … a sweater – Granville by Fiona Ellis in Georgian Bay Fibres Hennessy aran, Kate Atherley’s lemon difficult brioche shawl – cranberry & black& white (various fingering weight yarns), balaclava (charity knitting using up the odd balls of DK and aran), fingerless mitts with flip-top (a test knit in DK) and … log cabin squares for blankets (objective – reduce the very large bag of fingering weight yarn to a very small bag.)
    Happy January knitting. Peggy

  25. I finished a pair of socks for my son last night that I started in December. Now I’m plugging away at a pair for a friend. Sock knitting really seems to be hitting the spot for me right now. I’m trying to finish up some wips before casting on some new projects I have my eye on.

  26. Finished a pinwheel baby blanket–except for joining the i-cord bind off at the end. Two more babies on the way after this one. Then I’ll think I’m declaring I am out of the baby blanket business. Started a Madison scarf to give me a breather before I tackle the next baby blanket.

    Love your stripey socks. That Patons Kroy is one of my favorites.

  27. anastasia · ·

    I have finally cast on a sweater & due to the nice bulky yarn am already up to the yoke. I’m also still trying to finish my Rhinebeck sweater from last year. Hopefully I will stop having gauge issues with the sleeves & then fingers crossed I have enough for the button bands.

    Also, I made myself a diy yarn club from stash yarns. I picked out 6 yarns, matched them to a pattern & put them in paper bags. Then pick a bag every other month & it’s just like being part of a yarn club. & I like all the projects. I was once part of a yarn club but did not love everything I got that year & all the colours weren’t really to my taste. I am behind on casting on the first project because I have been consumed by this sweater.

  28. Ann in NJ · ·

    I’m using the same yarn in the same colorway to do a pair of toe-up socks with an afterthought heel for my husband. I wanted to give toe-up a try, as I’ve not tried it before, and I’ll say it’s working fabulously with this yarn. I did the heel in the same yarn and ended up with concentric circles and a little red dot on the first heel that my husband seems charmed by. Now I’m halfway through the 2nd sock and actually looking forward to finishing them. I still have half a sleeve on a sweater I’ve been working on for far too long, but it’s hard to put down a sock. And of course, there’s half a dozen new projects calling my name, all of which could be argued as more “urgent” than the sweater (which has been in timeout because…issues).

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