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My knitter friends, just in case you were ever under the assumption that experienced knitters have reached that level because they do everything perfectly all the time, never procrastinate, and make no shortcuts or bad habits at any time during the knitting process, let me divest you of that assumption right now. I’m here to tell you that some of those habits die very hard – for me, the procrastination impulse especially.


Here I am looking around mopingly at the pile of half-a-dozen-or-more Works In Progress left unfinished, and realizing that, hey, you know those mittens you got about 85% finished with? All you need are a couple more glove fingers and the final mitten tops and you are DONE. DONESKI. This week I finally just sat down and made myself do the annoying fiddly bits that I was avoiding for no good reason whatsoever, and now I’m on track to being able to finish and wear them by the end of January. And since January’s almost done, that’s a pretty decent statistic.


These are my own Chilly Podster mitts, in some stashed yarn that will match my freshly knitted Favorki hat, which I also look forward to wearing while the cold weather lingers. I really enjoy the Berroco Ultra Alpaca for these kinds of projects because the alpaca blend makes everything so much warmer and a little bit softer and smoother than plain wool. It is a yarn favourite of mine and one of those “reserve” yarns that I always want to have on hand for different kinds of things. Never underestimate the power of a carefully curated stash, it will come in handy for all kinds of things, and you’re allowed to stash whatever yarns you decide are your favourite.

Have a great weekend, knitter friends! I hope you have a project nearing its finish line soon.


Pattern: Chilly Podsters (free pattern, on Ravelry)
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, ‘oceanic mix’ colourway







  1. I have these mitts in my library and hope to cast on in February 🙂 I just need to figure out which yarn I want to use. These will be my first pair of gloves / mittens and I’m looking forward to learning something new.

  2. It’s the fiddly bits that keep me from making mitts like that. Even just thumbs on regular mittens are annoying for me!

    And thank you for the remark about a carefully curated stash. There is such a trend toward minimalism these days, and while I agree with a lot of the philosophy and understand the need to reduce consumption (totally on board with that in general), I don’t like that now I “ought” to be feeling guilt and shame for my stash. I have a lot and I think that’s ok!!

  3. This is why I shy away from multiple WIPS I would never EVER complete anything! Great post! Have a good weekend!

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  5. I’m with you, I really enjoy working with Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Why am I always amazed that when I work on one project, I actually finish something. Never keeps me from casting on though. It’s knitting, it’s supposed to be fun and I’m in charge (well, mostly!)

  6. Glenna – I wonder whether you might consider writing a post on the art of joining in yarn when making gloves – particularly to avoid those dreadful holes that always turn up at the base of each finger (this happens to me!) I’d be so keen to hear your tips on this! Or perhaps you have a great resource to help with this that you might be willing to share?

  7. Nice job! I always try to finish one thing before starting another project, but I have to admit it is not easy. Only knitters know that! Have a great weekend too!

  8. I love this pattern! My niece wanted some convertible mittens, but wanted a convertible thumb too as she’s rather attached to her phone. I thought I’d have to wing it patternwise until I saw these. Thanks!

  9. I love the idea of a carefully curated stash. For me, it’s many colors of Malabrigo Merino Worsted. I could wallow in that stuff.

    More than 3 WIPS make me feel jangly. I have 3 on the needles, and 2 for finishing right now. When it was 5 on the needles I was getting freaked out!

  10. anastasia · ·

    I wish I had more dk & worsted weight in my stash. But I have a rather lovely collection of single skeins of fingering weight. I have realized that they all do not need to be knit up into shawls as my shawl box is overflowing. I am rather obsessed with fingerless mitts but never seem to knit small projects. Adding that to my list of knitting goals for this year, more non shawls in fingering weight yarn. My Strigidae are in high rotation, maybe I should add a 2nd pair to the list.

  11. I understand the mountain of wip’s… planning and starting a fresh project is one of my favourite things to do!

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