And sometimes you find that missing lipstick

Since the holidays I’ve been having a mild existential struggle with my knitting, in the sense that most of my projects are large enough that I can’t just finish them and clear the decks and move on to something new, even though my brain definitely wants to move on to new things. I had actually planned out a few more hat projects and just never got to them, plus there’s been sweater designs swirling around in my head for a little while and it turns out that those things don’t actually design themselves. (I’ve tried that option just to make sure.)


All this to say – I continually have to remind myself that no knitting work happens without making time for it, so those WIPs aren’t going to finish themselves and new ideas won’t miraculously put themselves on the needles. This week I’ve been making progress on the first part of that two-step plan by pulling out the Venezia pullover project that I have, embarrassingly, not touched since some time in December. I brought it home with me over the holidays but never ended up working on it, and now here we are and it’s February.

Amazingly this whole ‘make time for knitting and knitting will happen’ plan does actually work. After 2 evenings I’ve got another inch and a half of progress on this gal (slower going when you’re on 3.25mm needles and fingering weight yarn – all victories shall be taken whenever possible), and I think it’s starting to lodge itself back into my brain. Now instead of feeling guilty about letting it sit idle, I’m looking forward to spending an hour or so with it again tonight.


And indeed, it turns out another bonus of picking up a project after a couple of months is that you just might solve other mysteries along the way. Also since the Christmas holidays, coincidentally, I’ve been trying to find a lipstick I bought when out at the mall on Boxing Day – which isn’t that big of a deal, I suppose, except that when you spend several minutes choosing the one you want and then standing in the long line to pay for it, well, you sort of plan to actually get to use said lipstick afterwards.

It would seem that my spontaneous brain considers big colour-work knitting projects a secure hiding spot, though, which is now something that I know about myself! Good stuff, knitting brain, I guess you’re looking out for me when I least expect it.

This has been your unsolicited check-in on the crazy world of juggling many knitting projects in progress. I hope you have some good knitting time this evening, friends! Happy Wednesday.


Pattern: Venezia Pullover, by Eunny Jang

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette, including: Cream, Finnley Heather, Hare Heather, Oregon Coast Heather, Autumn Heather, Rooibos Heather, Clove Heather, Shire Heather, Forest Heather






  1. ideasdept · ·

    this is gorgeous. well worth the contemplative time spent. the subconscious delivers.

  2. I have found that knitting bags with UFOs tend to always have something interesting like a favorite lipstick or lotion in them. The universe has a way of creating incentives…

  3. Wow that pattern is gorgeous! And my husband wonders why I buy several tubes of something I like 🙂 Ha! Just so I can have them stashed all over the house and ready for use.

  4. Well, I hope by settling back into the Venezia (which is gorgeous, BTW), it helps to eliminate the “what next” brain frenzy. Who knows, as you relax and focus on one thing, that lipstick may suddenly appear in an obvious but overlooked spot.
    Hope so!
    If not, check you car. I often find lipstick, liner, pens (anything that rolls easily out of my purse) stuck in a crevice along the floor mat, under or in-between the car seats. Might help if I slowed down and better secured my purse in the first place! ha

  5. I was so afraid you meant the lipstick messed up a piece of knitting, when I read the title. Thanks so much for sharing that you too sometimes get into knitting ruts. Weird how something we love to do can also be hard to do.

  6. Love the pattern it is beautiful x

  7. That is amazing, I cant wait to see it finished

  8. Wow! That is one gorgeous sweater-in-progress!

  9. I’m working on a cable-licious test knit right now and am running behind. Funny, you’re right that sweaters don’t knit themselves! I plan to spend some quality TV time working on it some more tonight 🙂

  10. it’s awfully pretty – worth the time commitment. 🙂

  11. Beautiful! And I’m very glad you found your lipstick 😉

  12. I totally get the missing lipstick issue. Similar things often happen to me with knitting tools popped into the wrong knitting bag.

    I own a few sports bras with removable cups. Sometimes they fall out in the washer. Once when this happened this fall I could not for the life of me find the missing cup. Today it is unseasonably warm (high 70s F) and I put on a short sleeve t-shirt. It felt a bit lumpy in the shoulder and, sure enough, there was the missing bra cup.

  13. I have been fighting a case of startitis this new year, and losing. I have quite a few projects on the go and a few hibernating ones that I plan to get to eventually (I swear!). I haven been alternating through them, with shorter and longer term projects such I feel that every day its something “newish”.

    I have also had a few fantastic pattern ideas rolling in my head that need to get out! You said it truly, patterns don’t write themselves!

  14. I lose notions and spare needles (and occasionally my credit card) in the depths of project bags with alarming frequency!

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