Keep showing up

This weekend I discovered the darnedest thing. It turns out when you devote consistent time and effort to a new project…


…knitting happens. I am always amazed to rediscover this truth.


Keep showing up for your knitting, and it’ll get done eventually. Works every time!

Happy knitting, blog friends!


Project: new sweater design by me

Yarn: Dragonfly Fibers Damsel, in ‘mermaid’ blue






  1. shellssells · ·

    This is not a thing I will ever manage to remember long term. However, the rediscovery of it is consistently amazing, so there’s that! Beautiful yarn, beautiful knitting!

  2. It’s remarkable isn’t it! I constantly find myself glaring at projects in my WIPs basket because they just refuse to grow, and then suddenly after a rainy weekend on the sofa knitting I discover socks that have pairs and garments that have sleeves! Why will we never learn.

  3. your sweater is looking good!

  4. Tracy B. · ·

    I am in the middle of a spell where I seem to have lost my knitting mojo. Fortunately I have an afghan that I can crochet while getting the bugs out of my system. I have a couple things that I need to finish!

  5. Linda A · ·

    Looks like something very pretty in the works!
    Love that color. And the lace accents.
    I’m working on a cotton summer top. While the rain poured, my laptop
    assisted with a marathon Netflix viewing and hey, I’ve got a back and half of
    a front completed. It’s sunny today … on to other things and some needed
    exercise! But I’m hopeful the top will be completed for warm weather ahead.

  6. I love it! It’s very pretty. I have to remember that too…

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who rediscovers this truth from time to time 😛
    Your sweater is beautiful! I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  8. so pretty, I love it. I love the pale teal, though that could be the camera’s contribution to wash out the color. & I love the airiness of the pattern, as a northern Californian. (Sorry I can’t take responsibility for this election cycles’ right-wing candidates…:-)

  9. Glenna this is coming along beautifully.
    I love this shade of blue!

  10. It is amazing isn’t it? Concentrating on a project somehow magically moves it to a finished object.
    That design is very intriguing. I love the combination of the color and lace. Keep on knitting.

  11. Stefani · ·

    That’s some pretty good advice. I will need to remember that. 🙂

    I love the details that are appearing in your project and that color is just gorgeous!

  12. Lol…..this post really made me chuckle! I think we all forget that sometimes! Thanks for brightening my morning….

  13. When I keep showing up for my knitting, seems like the only thing completed is the start of new projects!

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