Getting comfortable with “almost”

So, here’s the thing. When I started out on this granny square afghan, I decided I wanted, ideally, a size of 5 feet x 6 feet. I’m 5-foot-9 myself, so my main goal is that I wanted a blanket that I could legitimately nap under while lying on the couch – that would cover me from toes to chin for sure – not just a little lap blanket. If I’m going to make one of these suckers, it’s going to be cozy, damnit.


I estimated the squares would come out about 3.75 ins wide each, which would require 16 x 19 squares for a total of 304 squares. With a few border rounds added in post-assembly, this would get me the 5′ x 6′ blanket I wanted. (You can go ahead and do this math for yourself if your brain needs it, no problem).

Last weekend I reached the landmark 304 squares. (Minus the borders. We’re not done yet, but getting there).

Then, I decided to go back and do some measuring and double check things. Yep.


Guys, the squares are coming out closer to 3.5 ins than 3.75 ins. I can stick with 304 squares total, but that will give me a smaller blanket than I wanted.

OR, I can add in one more square along each edge for a total of 17 x 20 squares, for a real final total of 340 squares.

In case you’re wondering…yes, yes I did. I did pick the option that bought me another 36 extra squares. I’ve searched deep within my soul, and I think I can do it. There may be a small pause once I get to 340, before doing up the rest of the borders and the assembly, but we are slowly getting closer.

Almost, guys, we are almost almost there.

I hope your crafting progress is going well!


Project: Granny square afghan squares (classic granny square pattern – tutorials widely available on the web and YouTube – Google search for ‘basic granny square’ and you’ll find several options), 3.0mm crochet hook

Yarn: Miscellaneous sock yarn stash leftovers, including Tanis Fiber Arts sock, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock, Madelinetosh sock, Dream In Color Smooshy, Van Der Rock sock (no longer available), Indigodragonfly sock, Miss Babs sock, and more. Border yarn is Sweet Georgia ‘Tough Love Sock’ in birch.






  1. Diane Donle · ·

    LOL the same dilemma many of us face. But don’t despair….I have always found that I get the blanket/afghan really close to the finished size I want/need and then work the edgings while I am snuggling up all nice and cozy underneath it….works a charm. Hope this suggestion helps

    Your blog is really terrific, thanks so much for blogging.

  2. SelawDE · ·

    Just thinking–once you connect them all, won’t those connecting stitches add that .25 that you need?

  3. 1marylou · ·

    I recently had the same issue with a women’s jacket pattern, which didn’t knit to gauge. I even did a gauge swatch prior to knitting. Good luck, the squares look great!

  4. Love watching the progress on your blanket. I’ve been “gunna” learn how to crochet for quite a few years. Have piddled round on and off for a year or so with single and double crochet laundry cloths. Last week I started to learn how to make granny squares. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. PamelaRic · ·

    Always err on the side of bigger for a blanket–especially if you want to snuggle under it. Years ago, I made a granny square shawl. Just like you, the squares were turning out smaller than I had wanted and therefore the shawl would be smaller. sigh… I picked up my hook and kept going. So very glad I did. The shawl actually turned out much bigger than I wanted but I totally fell in love with the bigger size. I used that shawl for about 25 years. It finally fell totally apart. I miss that shawl. Bigger is better!!!

  6. Shirla Ghadaki · ·

    At the beginning of the year, I decided to make myself a blanket and like you, I wanted one that would provide coverage. So instead of granny squares, I went with a tutorial that I watched on YouTube about 12 stitches, 7 rows and then increasing as one works around the sides Well, I made it to cover a double bed and it does plus some and it is HEAVY. Go with your gut and enjoy.

  7. Linda A · ·

    You’ve got until late Fall before you’ll need to get cozy under this thing. (On second thought, maybe you’d like to enjoy it right now, considering the winters that go on forever in your neck of the woods. But that should be gone fairly soon, yes?)

    Good decision to add the extra squares for cozy comfort. Glad you’re hanging in there (and doing the math … even if it does give me a headache. ha!).

    The things we “knit”(or, in this case, crochet) into our projects. Who would think an afghan would lead us to soul searching? ha. On the other hand, considering all the UFO’s I have, it might well do me good to dig a little deeper into my soul to understand what’s really going on here.

  8. Tracy B. · ·

    In the end, it might be tedious to make the extra squares, but it will be worth every stitch. It takes a short time to make the extras, I bet. Otherwise, if you were me, you will always regret the blanket being too small. A “short time” definitely beats “always” in my book.

  9. You could always make a deeper border.

  10. You can do it! And I think you will be much happier with the bigger size. The blanket will be well worth the extra time.

  11. You will never regret making it big enough. I’m thinking it would be well worth the extra time. You can do it!

  12. impressive! you go, girl!

  13. This will be so amazing when your done

  14. I have the same dilemma. It’s for a friend’s wedding. My squares are 6″ each. However, because two of us made the squares and I used various types of yarn and different patterns ( I also suspect different needle sizes). I am now attempting to make all the squares the same size. Some get borders and some don’t. It will be quite eclectic. Not pattern whatsoever. Flower squares, plain squares, star squares, a one of a kind afghan. This is so much fun!

  15. I know it was a hard decision but it was probably the right one. After this much time and effort on such a big project if you had stopped short of what you wanted you would probably always regret the decision.

  16. What’s an extra 36 squares when you’re having fun?

  17. twistedsticks · ·

    Are you planning on blocking as that is going to give you some extra, once that blanket is all stretched out!!

  18. Barbara R · ·

    After 304, what’s 36 more. Better to have what you want than regret later not doing what you knew you should have done. I have learned to always follow my intuiiton. It seldom fails. You will be happier in the end. 340 SQUARES OF BUST!

    Barb R.

  19. There is no point whatsoever going to all that time and effort to end up with a blanket that bugs you because you wished it was bigger! Can’t wait to see the final results.

  20. anastasia · ·

    Funnily enough I learned to crochet before I figured out how to knit. I bought a booklet of 99 Granny Square motifs with this same project in mind. One day I might get around to it. I am building up my collection of fingering weight scraps as well.

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