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Last week the fabulous ladies over at Mason-Dixon Knitting (Ann and Kay, I really am going to get back to that Liberty Blanket I started last summer, honest I swear) were kind enough to give me a shout-out on their post about getting into sock knitting, and it made me remember, oh yeah, sock knitting season.


If I’m keeping it real, I do actually believe that any knitter should knit whatever they want at whatever time of year they want, and probably adhere to that sensibility about 65% of the time. But the other 35% of me does think that at some point we make the transition from sweater knitting season over to sock and shawl knitting season, and vice-versa, if for no other reason than for the compelling shift in temperatures that comes with moving from winter to summer, and vice versa. It feels a bit more like spring and summer when sock knitting season starts making itself visible again, and I like that about knitting world.

True to seasonable sensibilities, I find myself with two pairs of socks on the needles at the moment. One for handbag knitting (or, let’s face it, movie theatre knitting, as these dark purple ones (my Nice Ribbed Sock, below) have taken a trip to the movies at least 3 times in their journey from cast-on to being halfway through the second sock), and the other (My So Simple socks in sport weight yarn, above) is for those small intervals at home when I just want a few minutes of knitting diversion before working on something else.


Having just finished a winter where my primary use of sock yarn was for making granny squares, it also feels pretty great to remember about all the sock yarn still in my stash waiting to get knitted. I have a lot of it and it’s all great and unless you knit with it there is little point in collecting it. Not all yarns are forever – sometimes you look in your stash and realize there are skeins in there that can’t be found again, like the Van Der Rock sock in the ribbed socks here. Great colours and lovely yarn, from a company no longer in business.

If you’re a sock knitter – or about to become one – welcome to sock knitting season and I hope you’ll get some good pairs off the needles this year! And for everyone else, well, happy knitting this week no matter what!


Pattern: So Simple Silk Garden socks
Yarn: Miss Babs Yummy 3-ply sport

Pattern: Nice Ribbed Sock
Yarn: Van der Rock Yarns, superwash merino sock yarn in ‘arsenic’ (archival stash yarn, no longer in business sadly!)


  1. Maryzona · ·

    Such a timely post for me. I’m planning on knitting sport weight socks next month for a KAL and what I wanted was something simple but with a cable or two (I have to meet a yardage requirement and I need cables to eat up that yarn!) – – and Ta Da! Your So Simple is exactly what I’ve been looking to find!
    Yay! Thank you!

  2. what does it cost to knit a pair of socks? and do you always use dpns or have you ever tried the nine inch, twelve inch circular or magic loop method? one more” what sock would you recommend starting with .?

  3. Stephanie · ·

    I just started knitting socks on 9″ circs and I LOVE it! I just received my 0/2 mm 9″ circ and I can’t wait to go home and cast on my next pair!

  4. Diane Cooper · ·

    How the heck do you knit in a movie theater??? I am certainly not at that level of skill yet!! 😉
    LOve the socks!

  5. Linda A · ·

    So here’s my question: If you consider Spring and Summer “sock knitting time,” what fiber
    are you using? Are these socks to wear in cooler weather or for next winter?

    In cooler weather, in California, I’m in sandals or bare feet, for the most part. Or, in half-socks to wear with tennis or running shoes.

    I know I’d appreciate warm wool socks in winter, if nothing more than to walk around the house in them (I appreciate socks the most for that use).

    But, for knitting, I think socks teach us techniques that are useful and that’s the draw for me to take up some sock knitting. I’m just ever so slow in doing it. In the cold winters you face, Glenna, I can totally see why you’d jump on board the sock-knitting bandwagon. One of these days I may pick up that unfinished sock!

  6. Else Gyldenkærne · ·

    I am surprised to hear, sock knitting is a spring and summer thing :-D. To me it is definitely connected to winter, as we would only wear socks in fall and winter here in Scandinavia 🙂

  7. I love the colors of your sport weight sock – so Spring like! I too knit my socks in the summer as it’s not so much fabric sitting in my lap. I just dug out a WIP with one sock already done. Now I just need to finish the other before Fall hits 😉

  8. Kris K · ·

    Wait, did you tell us the name of the Miss Babs Sport color? Because I think I must buy it! Thank you!

  9. It is sock season here and I should get a pair going

  10. […] few of you had more questions after my sock knitting post earlier this week – I’ll be back next time with some answers to those! If you have more […]

  11. Georgia · ·

    I consider every season Sock Knitting Season, and I nearly always have a sock project in my purse. Here’s something other knitters might want to consider: I’ve been trying to decide how to lessen the anxiety of “second sock syndrome” — that sinking feeling after knitting sock #1 that you have to do the same thing all over again. So, I’m trying the following: Choose the yarn for two pairs of socks. Yarn #1 will make socks A and B. Yarn #2 will make socks C and D. Knit in the following order: A, C, B, D. I am currently nearing completion of sock C, and it’s working! I’m actually looking forward to picking up the first yarn again and tackling sock B. May not work for everybody, but it’s looking good for me so far.

    Thanks for such an enjoyable, helpful, well written blog, Glenna.

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