Spring-to-summer progress

When last we caught up with my spring sweater project, I was just about to join the body and the sleeves to work the yoke – the final main step before the final finishing, so all was looking up!

It was then, I discovered (dramatic music cue), that about five inches earlier on the body, it was visually obvious where I’d switched skeins because the dye lot was noticeably different. Probably I’d been knitting on it in the evening when I made the skein transition, and didn’t notice the colour difference at the time, so I just kept on knitting. It’s a rookie mistake, and I’ve done it before (and let’s face it, will probably do it again), but for sure this is one of the Top 3 Knitter Frustrations out there. (I would wager Top 1 is: The Thing Doesn’t Fit And I Spent A Million Hours Knitting it Where Is My Wine, putting What Do You Mean I Ran Out of Yarn and There Is No More of This Colour Anywhere In The World $&#@!!!! at Top 2.)


If you can see this thing coming, there is a solution – you can alternate skeins every 2-4 rows so that the dye lot change is less noticeable, and that would have actually worked in this case since the colour difference was not too severe. However, since I had to rip out five inches of knitting anyhow, and I had more yarn in waiting, I simply pulled out the offending skein and re-knit the rest of it with a new, matching one.

So now, 10 days later, I’m back where I was a week ago! I press on, as do we all in knitting times.

A few of you had more questions after my sock knitting post earlier this week – I’ll be back next time with some answers to those! If you have more sock knitting curiosities between now and next week, be sure to drop them and I’ll add them to the list.

Have a great weekend, knitter friends!



Project: new sweater design by me

Yarn: Dragonfly Fibers Damsel, in ‘mermaid’ blue






  1. Oh, Glenna, so annoying, right? But there’s no crying in knitting (perhaps a little cursing). BTW, I’ve moved my blog over, so you can find it at walkeatlive.ca now. 🙂

  2. Ha! I think you rated the top 3 problems perfectly. Not that I’m bitter about the fact that #1 is my go to, or anything…
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Argh… I hate when that happens. But at least you had the right yarn and could fix it reasonably easily… and the sweater looks wonderful still. 🙂

  4. Linda A · ·

    Da Da-Da Dum … (dramatic music cue). That’s so funny and so true!
    This is when projects become a WIP (or basically dead, and stuffed in the
    back of a closet (I’ve got a few of those). But YOU are different, Ms. Glenna,
    you persevere!
    Keep your inspiration going … it speaks to me!

    And, BTW, right now it’s 6pm and 81 degrees and I’m in bare feet, uninspired by
    socks and all that thinking about how to turn a heal, etc.. I’m working on a no-brainer linen scarf that I probably won’t wear for a while if the temps continue to climb, as they likely will. Still,
    it’s pleasant to knit.

  5. Mismatched dye batch numbers are the pits! Just the other day I was going to start a new project. Out of my stash of wool I found two balls of the same wool…or so I thought! Gorgeous colour – a crushed boysenberry deep plum red! Lovely. But even holding the balls of wool apart, I could tell they didn’t match. And sure enough: same colour number but different dye batch number! I’m off to the wool shop on Monday. This time to buy MATCHING dye batch wool!

  6. Now that I can really see the true color of this I love it!
    It’s really coming along!

  7. Gaaaah!! Designer’s slogan: “We rip out and re-knit so you don’t have to!”.

  8. Oh dear. I have been there. We all have. Hope it is clear sailing from here on out. I love the pattern

  9. Once while knitting a baby sweater with self-striping yarn, I discovered that one skein (of the same dye lot!) was wound backwards so that the stripes were in reverse order. I was incensed as I ripped out half a front.

  10. How to you knit socks in the dark in a movie theater?!?! I’m working on your “So Simple” sock pattern and have paper and pen nearby to mark the 7th row for the cable, and have to look fairly often just to make sure I’m on a purl or knit!!!! Do you wear night vision goggles?!?

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