So Simple Sport-weight Socks

Guys, I’ve remembered why I love knitting socks on yarn heavier than fingering weight. Wait for it…it’s because they’re fast. I know, I know! Shocking, right? But the fact is the heavier the yarn, the fewer stitches you need and therefore the less time you need to knit it up. But very heavy yarn is troublesome when you want the socks to be wearable in your everyday shoes, so sport-weight yarn is a nice middle ground.


These socks are knitted from my So Simple Silk Garden pattern, a free pattern I wrote a number of years ago and decided to revisit. I’ll be updating the pattern for an updated format and probably a name refresh too – Silk Garden Sport was a new yarn at the time, but there are lots of sport weight yarns that would fit the bill – but first I need to take a moment to admire the finished object.

A finished thing! I love having finished things. Sometimes, not everything is an unfinished thing forever – sometimes, things get finished and then you get to wear them.


I wrote this pattern to be a slightly faster but also slightly interesting pattern. They’re mostly ribbed socks (not unlike my Nice Ribbed Sock pattern), but with a single cable running down one side of the front. Just enough to give you a taste of A Cabled Thing without needing to run away with the cabled-ness of it all.


I hope you soon experience the joy of a finished object also! Happy knitting on this fine Wednesday.


Project: So Simple Silk Garden socks
Yarn: Miss Babs Yummy 3-ply sport, ‘violets in the grass’ colourway





  1. Jeanette · ·

    Are you saying that your sock pattern for sport-weight yarn makes socks that you can wear with the same shoes that you wear with your fingering-weight yarn sock pattern? That there are fewer stitches in the sport-weight pattern so the socks turn out to be the same size? Thanks.

  2. I’m a newbie to sock knitting and I’m finding the tiny yarn fun but a long laborious task. I was thinking of going up a size, so your blog really helps! I actually posted your pattern (with links to Ravelry) in a blog last month. It looks really nice. Your blog clinches it.

  3. anastasia · ·

    Oddly enough, after realizing that I knit an entire foot of the 2nd sock on the wrong number of stitches I want to cast on another pair of socks right away. I have 3 patterns in mind though & cannot decide which one to coast on!!

  4. anastasia · ·

    Oops autcorrect, I meant I can’t decide which to cast on.

  5. I bought a pair of shoes a half size larger than my usual size, so I could wear my sport to worsted weight socks in them. My worsted socks were only 40 sts around. Super quick!

  6. Linda A · ·

    You know, Glenna, when I first looked at the picture above, I thought, while reading your comments, the left foot was done in worsted and the right in sock yarn. On second look, think it’s just the angle of the camera and two legs not lining up (one sock looks much longer than the other).
    Funny how I first interpreted this!
    Too much (cross-eyed) computer time probably.
    Anyway, nice socks. And the touch of cable.

  7. mionsiog · ·

    Thank You for posting this good news about socks… I will have to try knitting some socks now since you make it sound so easy… I will send this to my FB Australian friend who also has some interesting sock patterns. (

  8. These are beautiful! My questions are the same as Jeanette’s! I only recently started enjoying socks when the pattern is simple yet interesting. I also went up a needle size from what I used to use and now they are faster. I will knit this pattern as soon as it is refreshed!

  9. Such a lovely sock pattern!
    I too enjoy more knitting socks in heavier yarn especially when they are for my F. He has enormous feet!!!

  10. Very pretty! I love that pattern.

  11. I find it difficult to find sport weight with nylon in it. Any suggestions?

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