Pattern Update: So Simple Sport Socks

Here we go, my my friendly neighbourhood sock knitters – I’m pleased to share that my So Simple sport weight sock pattern is now fully updated and is available on Ravelry here. This pattern was my first sock pattern, originally posted in 2009. Seven years go by pretty quickly when you’re busy Knitting All The Things, and it was due for a spruce-up.


This pattern originally started as So Simple Silk Garden, as it used Silk Garden Sock which is a sport-weight version of Noro’s Silk Garden yarn (which remains one of my favourite yarns, BTWs). SG sock is still fabulous, but since I was giving the pattern a fresh coat of paint anyhow I decided it would be better to equalize the pattern name itself – go forth and choose the sock-appropriate sport weight yarn of your choice!


The pattern remains available for free on Ravelry and aside from a new updated pattern format (in line with all my current patters), the main substantive change that I made was to update it so that the ribbing on the cuff lines up directly with the cable and ribbing pattern on the leg of the sock. If I was designing a sock pattern now, I would 100% make sure to include details like that, but this pattern was my first crack at sock designing and at the time I wasn’t as bothered about that. But 2016 me is, so here we are.


Otherwise, it’s still the same quick cable-and-rib sock knit that it always has been, and I’m glad to have it in my pattern inventory. It’s been fun turning an eye back towards older patterns, and now I’m turning my eye towards Revival and Phellogen, in my summer sock knitting update ideas. Perhaps more pattern spruce-ups are to come. The socks deserve it.

Happy knitting this fine Tuesday, socks or otherwise!



Pattern: So Simple Sport Socks, available free on Ravelry
Yarn: Miss Babs 3-ply superwash sport








  1. Thank you Glenna for the free pattern. I have never knitted socks but these are pretty so I’m going to have a try !

    Thanks again

  2. Missy's Crafty Mess · ·

    Ooh I have some sport weight with nothing to do with it. Thanks for sharing

  3. Linda A · ·

    It’s interesting how the things we either weren’t aware of or felt it was
    “OK to wing it” change as our skills grow. I’m experiencing that with a
    sweater I’m knitting. Detail and perfection are higher on my priority list now
    (with a little “winging it” thrown in for things I’m still learning).
    That’s what’s great about learning this craft – there’s always something
    more to learn and perfect.

  4. GeniaKnitz · ·

    Yum. Can’t wait to try this new version of the So Simple. I think I like it even better than the original SSSilk Garden. Thank you!
    And please, please, please, what is the colorway?? SO pretty

  5. Will sure make a pair of your gorgeous pattern!
    Thank you!

  6. I love the colors and your pictures show the ribs and cables perfectly.

  7. I am going to get this one

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