Long weekend results

If you’re representing for the knitterly parts of North America, you also just put the wrap on a holiday weekend (we had our holiday on Friday, ‘Murricans on Monday), so I hope that means you got in a bit of knitting time with a relaxing beverage.


On Friday I finished the last few rounds of my ‘handbag socks’ and immediately began pondering the next sock knitting options. I wound up a couple of skeins from the sock yarn stash (it’s been feeling a little neglected lately, what with all the leftover-sock-yarn-crochet-squares action instead), considered a couple of patterns…


…and then immediately grabbed an already-wound-up skein of sock yarn and cast on for a new pair of Jaywalkers instead. There is a certain beauty in the patterns you’ve already knitted so many times that you can cast them on from memory. These babies are a staple of my sock drawer and have also been gifted from time to time. I love ’em.

In the end, I could have spent the last few days starting a new sweater or trying a super complicated new-to-me sock pattern, but you know, I’ll take the almost-a-full-leg-of-a-sock and run with it. That’s solid knitting results right there. Sometimes my carry-with-me projects get progress done in bursts rather than consistent and gradual activity, so starting off with a good burst can make a good difference.

I hope you’re feeling good about your weekend knitting progress – and if you’re not, I hope that after a rip-out session and a glass of wine, you’re back to fresh possibilities.

Happy Tuesday!


Pattern: A Nice Ribbed Sock, by me
Yarn: Van Der Rock Yarns merino/nylon sock yarn (now discontinued – yarn from the stash)

Pattern: Jaywalker socks, by Grumperina
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, in ‘the L’ colourway


  1. Missy's Crafty Mess · ·

    You can’t beat a pair of socks

  2. Adriana van Breda · ·

    I am also in sock mode.I am doing your nice ribbed sock. I have just completed my first lace shawl and needed to do some rock solid socks so I can knit while talking, watching TV and fireworks etc.. Those activities were all off limits while doing the shawl.

  3. twistedsticks · ·

    I have the first sock of a toe up pair worked to the cuff area. Do you like toe up or cuff down better?

  4. I do love your “A Nice Ribbed Sock” – it’s my standard, works for the skinny ankles in my household.

  5. I need to try another pair of Sox

  6. Bridget · ·

    Please, it is Americans. That abbreviation (if it can be called that) is horrid.

  7. Cast on and got a good start on a shawl (Follow Your Arrow by Ysolde Teague, finally) only to make an error on the second pattern row on the first chart. ::sigh:: I now have the option of attempting to drop stitches down to fix it, or — more likely — slipping in a lifeline and frogging back about 4 rows. Because of course I did another pattern row and plain row to see if I could live with that mistake. I can’t. Lesson learned.

  8. Just finishing up my first pair of socks, baby ones, ever and I definately am getting addicted to sock knitting. There are so many possibilities pattern and colors. I’m already planning my second (bigger) pair.

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