The granny square update

I’ve been working away on the remaining granny square borders over the last few weeks – somewhat irregularly, admittedly, and yet persistently – and two things have become clear to me:

  1. The borders actually go by pretty quickly once you sit down and make yourself do a few of them at once.
  2. There’s no way I’m making my self-imposed end-of-July deadline on this blanket.


Also, I’ve reached the point in the project where, if this were a sweater, I would be heavily browsing new sweater patterns and sifting through stash yarn for my next sweater project. Probably even winding up the yarn and putting it in a nice project bag all set to go. True to form, the other day I took out some yarn for a future Pi Shawl (Ravelry link) and put it out on the coffee table – you know, because when you’re struggling to finish an enormous project, what you really need to do is set yourself up with another big enormous project. Also it’s just about time for my annual Pi Shawl cast-on. (One a year 5 years in a row and going strong). I haven’t wound up the Pi Shawl yarn yet, but that might just happen pretty soon.


Anyhoo, back to the granny squares. If I hadn’t had the 2 month hiatus back earlier this spring I think I might have made it, but let’s face it that hiatus was also pretty much required after the efforts of getting 340 individual squares. And I’m a good way into the borders, but I haven’t been exactly sure how long I have left to go.

So, when in doubt, count, I say.


It turns out I have just over 80 border-less squares to go, which is less than 1/4 left. Okay! That is a manageable number. I am revising my deadline goals to aim for a complete set of squares by the end of July, and to be on the road to seaming them up. (Which I actually already started mid-way though, so really I’m still way ahead. In a way. If you squint.)

All in all I’m still okay with this. The main thing is to just keep going, which is always the thing, really. In the end I’ll get a kickass blanket.

Onwards! Play with some fun yarn today.



Project: Granny square afghan squares (classic granny square pattern – tutorials widely available on the web and YouTube – Google search for ‘basic granny square’ and you’ll find several options), 3.0mm crochet hook

Yarn: Miscellaneous sock yarn stash leftovers, including Tanis Fiber Arts sock, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock, Madelinetosh sock, Dream In Color Smooshy, Van Der Rock sock (no longer available), Indigodragonfly sock, Miss Babs sock, and more. Border yarn is Sweet Georgia ‘Tough Love Sock’ in birch.






  1. You are my hero

  2. Jane Clay · ·

    Squares done by end of July seems perfectly reasonable to me, as is setting up a project bag for the next project….

  3. I can almost see the finished object while squinting.

  4. Linda A · ·

    I wound a couple of skeins for a new project and let them sit, tempting me. I caved in last night and did a swatch. But, I WILL get back to the current sweater nearly done!! It’s almost there and so are you!
    Can’t wait to see this granny!

  5. I think you learned the most important lesson we can all learn. JUST. KEEP. GOING. even if you only do one square some days, just keep doing it and it will suddenly be done.

    Time for another Pi shawl already? Wow! Time flies. I can’t wait (but I will!) to see what you do wit this one.

  6. Robby H · ·

    One thing I’ve learned about big projects is, you never want to figure out how much is left to do until you’re on the back stretch. So, good move there. And if those pictures are even remotely accurate, you are going to have a spectacularly beautiful blanket when it’s done. Plus, even in Canada you can’t really NEED that blanket by the end of July.

  7. Tiffanie · ·

    Thank you for the inspiration – I’ve picked up my needles to finish a project that is ready to be cast off. 🙂

  8. I cant wait to see the finished project. I hate having time off, had knitters elbow and I am just now getting back into the swing of it.

  9. Jennifer · ·

    Eh. Too hot to wrap up in it in July anyhow 😅😅It’ll get done in time for the cold!

  10. anastasia · ·

    This is going to be the most epic blanket. Go Glenna!! You also reminded me that I really want to make a Pi Shawl but then I remembered that I got the craziest idea to knit only Lord Of The Rings inspired projects next year & there’s WIPs to finish & a KAL to join.

  11. Lovely squares. You should try the join-as-you-go method as it negates all that sewing up at the end. Here’s a link for a great tutorial xxx

  12. Wow! That’s some perseverance. I can’t wait to see the finished project. 😊

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