There and back again

It’s been several years since I was on the east coast of Canada (something I should really try to correct more often), and it was a good time. I got to catch up with a knitter friend, see lots of green spaces (and a bit of rain, something practically foreign to southern Ontario right now, sob), and I came back with an overflowing armload of things to make other things.


Thanks to The Mariner’s Daughter, Have A Yarn, Gaspereau Valley Fibres, and Lismore Sheep Farm, I came back with 2 new pairs of socks, a circular shawl, and a new cabled sweater. (Some assembly required. From top to bottom, that’s a skein of Lichen and Lace sock, a skein of Handmaiden Casbah sock, 1600m of Fleece Artist fingering weight BFL wool, and a bunch of heathery dark brown worsted weight sheepswool from Lismore Sheep Farm. Even got to meet some of the sheep!)


I also nabbed a bit of fabric from Patch to further my future sewing ambitions, and a couple of local fruit liqueurs to add to my bar cart and cocktail recipes. (It’s still in the category of “stuff to make stuff with” if it’s making cocktails, right? Right. Also: above photo from the delightful Ironworks stock, I made out with just a couple of bottles.)

I also got some knitting time in on a couple of projects, including a sweater that has been neglected the last couple of months! All in all a good time, lots of bounty to return home with, and now I get to contemplate which new project to cast on with first. It’s my birthday this weekend and I’d like to start a new thing to celebrate.

Hope you’re having a good week out there, knitter friends! Either on vacation or closer to home.






  1. Janetcc · ·

    Happy Birthday ahead of time. 25 and some-months?

  2. That looks like such a lovely trip and your haul is gorgeous! I can see why you’re having trouble deciding what to cast on as a birthday treat. I love that idea and think I will adopt it!

  3. Sally Summerfield · ·

    I love your socks and a circular shawl is on my list of things to do. I wish I had begun my love affair with yarn years ago so all my souvenirs could have been yarn

  4. Marilee · ·

    Oh that yarn! All of it so lovely. I’d be tempted to cast on all three projects and work them in a rotation. Happy birthday early. Thank you for sharing your haul!

  5. What a beautiful set of photos….love all your yarn acquisitions.

  6. I recognixe quite a few of those items in your pictures. We were in those stores and distillery two weeks ago. The Mariner’s Daughter was the best.,

  7. Linda A · ·

    Well, you’re giving me a little geography lesson, Glenna. Thanks! I’ve never been
    to Canada – though we did share borders of Lake Ontario for a few years of my life when I
    lived in upstate NY.
    Fill us in a little more about what Nova Scotia is like and, for that matter, your home base.
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your knitting journey and applaud you for keeping the blog going.
    And then there’s the new stash and those 6,000 granny squares that may soon be a blanket.

  8. knittedblissjc · ·

    ooh, amazing! I think I know the knitter friend you went to see, and I’m quite jealous! Looks like you got some fabulous yarn, and I hope that it was relaxing and inspiring.

  9. Tiffanie · ·

    There and back again
    Some assembly required
    Stuff to make stuff with

    Three of my favorite phrases. 😀

    Thank you for sharing your adventures and your knitting. The photos are spectacular.

  10. Pictures are beautiful, my kind of great holidays 5 years ago!
    Love the wool too!

  11. Laura Sahlberg · ·

    Happy Birthday!

  12. glad you had a fun trip, and you will think of your trip while you knit on those projects and wear the garments. much better souvenir than a t shirt. 🙂

  13. twistedsticks · ·

    Beautiful pics! Happy Birthday! I can’t believe how much knitting you accomplish. I have made three pair of socks in the last couple months. Working on another. Getting rid of all my old purchased socks. My drawer is going to be colorful.

    You are going to be a busy lady!

  14. 379christy · ·

    Happy Birthday, Glenna. Thanks for sharing your travels and purchases. I love that you have a souvenir that will not be on the shelf (for very long). I usually am thinking of the person for whom the project is being knitted but when it is yarn purchased on vacation (usually for myself), I can plan anew what I will visit my next time in that location.

    Keep up the good work!

  15. Happy Birthday ! Have a great weekend and cast on something fun.

  16. How nice that you sometimes have a long weekend to celebrate your birthday. Have a great day. Love the idea of casting on a me to me birthday gift.

  17. michelle · ·

    happy belated birthday!!

    all photos are lovely, but the one with the bagged fleece took my breath away! and i don’t even spin…yet! i would frame that one.

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