Okay, so after just 12.5 months of extremely stubborn effort followed by 2.5 weeks of seaming during which your right shoulder starts to stage a physical revolt against you and everything you stand for, you too can have a thing that looks like this:


It is seamed. All of those squares are now bonded together for all eternity. All 340 of those little fuckers. If moths ever decide to attack this thing, i cannot promise that I will be held responsible for my actions as a result, because I have never put even close to this much time and attention into any other project involving yarn. IT’S A BLANKET NOW. NOT JUST A PILE OF TINY SQUARES. FINALLY, DEAR GOD, FINALLY.


It meets the needs I set out for: it’s blanket-sized rather than lap-blanket sized, so it’s large enough to actually sleep under. I busted a whole lot of stashed yarn leftovers. I managed to disperse the colours enough so that it didn’t end up with one whole neon pink corner or a column of turquoise down one side.

I’m very glad to have this blanket, and it’s going to be really great timing heading into fall and have it draped over my couch. I almost didn’t think I was going to make it this far.


I’m not going to lie, though, this has also been a frustrating project for me the last couple of months. It just KEEPS GOING. I’ve spent so much time working on this in the last year that it feels like I haven’t actually knitted anything. I miss cables. I miss sweaters. I miss my knitting needles. I’m a knitter and I need to knit some things.

So it’s pretty amazing that this is finally coming to an end, is what I’m saying. I’ve got a Rhinebeck sweater to get to work on and designs to plan! I can’t wait to return to Knitter Me, she’s been far too patient for far too long.


There are two small holdups, though. One is that the wrong side of the blanket looks like this. Even though I managed to scoop up some ends during the seaming process, there are still dozens of little ends to weave in. So there’s that.

The other thing is that this still needs a border. It would be fine without one, sure, but I’d rather not get this far into such an enormous production just to lose it on the finishing. It would be like finishing a cardigan and then just deciding not to sew on the buttons after all. But I also don’t want to start that border right this moment.

So, I’m making a deal with myself – I’ll sew in the ends in the next week, and then I’m going to let it sit for a few weeks before setting to work onΒ the border. I don’t know how long the border will take, but I’m guessing it’s going to be more than a day or two. Mercifully, I still have 2 100g skeins of the off-white border yarn in reserve, which should do me fine for those purposes.

Thanks for sticking with me on this blanket journey, dear blog readers. It’s been a long one!

I do fully intend to do a real project post-mortem on this, so if you’ve got a burning question about it, please feel free to add it here and I’ll tally them up when I get to that post!

Have a great Thursday!


Project: Granny square afghan squares (classic granny square pattern – tutorials widely available on the web and YouTube – Google search for ‘basic granny square’ and you’ll find several options), 3.0mm crochet hook

Yarn: Miscellaneous sock yarn stash leftovers, including Tanis Fiber Arts sock, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock, Madelinetosh sock, Dream In Color Smooshy, Van Der Rock sock (no longer available), Indigodragonfly sock, Miss Babs sock, and more. Border yarn is Sweet Georgia ‘Tough Love Sock’ in birch.






  1. What a gorgeous accomplishment. Beautiful!

  2. Yay!!! Been reading in eager anticipation, you made it

  3. Marjolein · ·

    It’s gorgeous!

  4. OMG it looks amaaaaazing!

  5. Angie Clark · ·

    Oh Glenna…it’s amazing. So beautiful. Kudos for sticking with it!! It’s an amazing hand crocheted project to pass down for generations!!!

  6. Well done on sewing those fuckers together πŸ™‚

  7. Congrats! It is amazing!

  8. It’s beautiful!

  9. It’s gorgeous! Such stick-to-it-ive-ness! With cold weather coming, you could postpone weaving in the ends, and doing the border, and work on those while you’re snuggled under the blanket, watching Netflix.

  10. It is stunning. Just gorgeous. It will be treasured for years and years and years. Excellent job!

  11. Well done! I laughed out loud reading this. I’m still recovering from making a granny square blanket for my sister’s 50th birthday. I ended up giving her a throw on her 56th!

  12. Way to go! It’s well worth the aggravation and time!

  13. Laura Sahlberg · ·

    It is absolutely wonderful. You should be proud of yourself. What an accomplishment!

  14. That’s awesome. You should be proud of that FO!

  15. dwatts2012 · ·

    Congratulations! I so admire your tenacity. The end product is so beautiful – it will, i’m sure, become a treasured hierloom. Well done!

  16. What a great job, it looks amazing!

  17. It is gorgeous! Congratulations!

  18. It’s absolutely beautiful.

  19. Wow! That is beautiful.

  20. Well done!! That was A LOT of work!

  21. this is stunning. Just don’t sell it for $50 at a garage sale.

  22. I’ve never liked Granny squares…but this is gorgeous! Good on you. Can’t wait to see what you choose to do next.

  23. For what it’s worth, your blanket has given me hope that weaving in ends on a fingering-weight sweater with four different colored stripes won’t be impossible. It may erode the soul a bit, but it’s doable! You’re an inspiration to us lesser mortals who haven’t the gumption to tackle a full-sized blanket. πŸ˜‰

  24. It’s beautiful! I really love the white borders on the squares. Makes it look so fresh & more modern than the traditional black borders. I love it and congrats on seeing the project through.

  25. Congratulations! After 3 weeks knitting an afghan I thought I would scream from boredom. You are to be commended!

  26. You made it! Congrats, Glenna! It is truly a thing of beauty. If you can get the ends woven in, I think you’d be permitted to knit yourself a sweater before tackling the border. Or maybe a cabled sock, just to take the edge off? Just saying.

  27. Wow, absolutely stunning!!! What an accomplishment!

  28. Karen H. · ·

    Congratulations on your beautiful accomplishment!!!! Your blanket came out really pretty!!!

  29. Barbara R · ·

    This sounds really scary but, as I look at that, I want to do one. There! I said it! I actually want to do a blanket like that. See..I know how to crochet and….I have put it down for 15 years now as knitting, spinning and weaving have entered my life, but, just now, I long for my crochet hooks. I used to spit out crocheted projects like lightening.

    I will think on it some more though. I have a loom to work on, a CPW to repair, and 3 giant, raw fleeces that are clean that need combing. I have dyeing to do for Spinzilla waiting for me. Okay…back burner it goes, but MAN do I want to pick up my hooks!


  30. It came out beautifully! I know you will curl up under it and be thrilled to have it… and thrilled it is done. πŸ™‚

  31. Spectacular!

  32. Hooray! Your blanket looks beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you cast on for first. well done- it’s been inspiring to watch your blanket come together.

  33. It looks great! Good for you and your stick to it-ness. I dont think I would have lasted as long but, the results are lovely.

  34. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  35. Congrats! It looks gorgeous!

  36. Awesome! Both the final result and your dedication to its completion!

  37. While getting a PhD takes a good deal of tenacity, I wonder if this project is running a close
    second? It beautiful, Glenna. You did a wonderful job of dispersing color throughout. Think you should enjoy a well-deserved snooze under it.

    So here’s a question: Does it need a border? What will that do? Make it sturdier? It looks great as it is but if you’ve got “border on the brain,” I have an idea you’ll see that it gets done!

  38. Holy cow. I’ve made a couple of granny square blankets, but not in sock yarn. I’m way impressed! Also, it’s gorgeous! Nice work on the color balance.

  39. That is AMAZING!!! Congratulations on getting this done. I don’t know that I would have had your patience!

  40. Wowowow, that is drop dead gorgeous. Well done. And I agree with previous poster Jeanette; you should wait and do the finishing while snuggled under the blanket this winter.

  41. I’m exhausted just looking at that and my right hand hurts in sympathy. What a testament to sticking to a project that ceases to be fun.

  42. I may be one of those people who have made a cardigan and forgotten to sew on buttons. I just hold it closed and pretend like I’m going to sew them on next week. It’s been 5 years. I’m deluding myself at this point, and stick to pull-overs for the most part! πŸ˜€

  43. It looks gorgeous and on the those cold, damp, gray days in November and February, you will really appreciate it.

    You put buttons on cardigans? Really? Of course, I am south of the Mason-Dixon line, but I decided after my first cardigan that I never really buttoned one up…and if I am making it for myself, it doesn’t have to have buttons!

  44. 379christy · ·

    Great job, Glenna. You saved me so much trouble and worry about using up my leftovers: I definitely will not be making a huge blanket. I have started instead to make doll clothes for my granddaughter so I get to knit.

    By the way, take a peak back at your blog this year. You will see that you did lots of knitting while tackling the crochet. I’m giving you credit and permission to gloat for awhile before starting the border (which I agree is needed).

  45. It’s a really gorgeous blanket. And frankly, one I would not have started because I know me and I am not made of the stuff you appear to be made of. I also think at this point, I’d consider weaving in those ends and working on the border while watching something on Netflix once it’s cool enough to sit under that blanket. For me, that might feel like a little less of a continuation of such a big project. But, as I said, you’re made of better stuff than I am, and have a drop dead beauty of a blanket to prove it.

  46. Geraldine · ·

    Well done I have been watching your progress and it looks fantastic .
    Just to let you know I enjoy your blog from over here in North Yorkshire.

  47. My god…you are an absolute legend. This is an heirloom! your colour combos are pretty and workmanship so neat and tidy.. top work, Glenna. cheers, Lydia

  48. Diane Cooper · ·

    WOW!!!!!! That is awesome!!! Expletives are totally allowed under these circumstances!!!
    Take a well deserved break!

  49. What a beautiful blanket, really perfect and you’ve joined it so neatly (I’m a bit envious of how neat it is!) 😊

  50. That LOOKS amazing, congrats mate, you did a super job.

  51. You can do the ends a few at a time as you watch tv. They will disappear in no time. As for a border, a single row of sc will suffice as you already have a border formed by the individual squares. You will trasure this all your life; its beautiful, and so personally yours!

  52. It is so gorgeous – what a monumental effort but well worth it. There is something to be said for actually finishing a project like this without putting it in time out permanently. Well done!!

  53. Very nice to see it all together–congrats!

  54. Lovely, and it will be rewarding to curl up under. You could compromise on the border….why not knit it?

  55. Bravo!

  56. Totally amazing! Absolutely love it!!

  57. That is SO gorgeous! Really stunning. Well worth the effort!

  58. YOU FINISHED!! It is gorgeous and you are awesome.

  59. Michelle Dry · ·

    A Joy to have forever! I am knitting the Optic blanket where you knit squares in two colors but you knit them together as you go by picking up the stiches you need on the sides that are connecting and cast on the ones to complete the squares, kind of a knitting version of the square concept blanket but no sewing together!

  60. Well, I think you should be very proud of yourself. Its a beautiful blanket and the colours are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the edging when you’ve had a well deserved break !!

  61. Hi!! Well done! I am impressed :))) I’ve done only one afghan, on 25 mm needles lol. I probably would never have the patience to do something like yours!! πŸ™‚

  62. Wow, such a fantastic work of art. It is beautiful. Bet you are as pleased as punch with it. Thank you for sharing the photos.

  63. Absolutely beautiful work ❀

  64. Wow, what a long-winded project, but – wow – it is soooo worth it! It’s turned out absolutely stunning, cheerful and artistic!!! I agree with you that it needs a border, and I also agree with you that it doesn’t need it straightaway πŸ™‚

  65. Congratulations!!! It’s a beauty.. I’ve made many of these and YES the finish is the hard part, but so worth it. I either knit or crochet each night the DH’s in front of the TV… for me TV is like “radio”, don’t know how people can just sit there… gets a lot done and as a retired couple.. it’s a good way to be together:))

  66. That is a lot of work. And it is beautiful. But a heck of a project to use up yarn! πŸ™‚

  67. AdrienneS · ·

    That’s gorgeous. And inspiring… I kind of want to make one, despite knowing it will take me YEARS to finish.

  68. twistedsticks · ·

    Congratulations! Is is just stunning. It is going to be so warm and cozy to wrap up in the winter. I keep saying I want to make something like this, but it is only daydreams! Have a day!

  69. So beautiful! You’ll enjoy this winter!

  70. It’s STUNNING! I don’t know if I could have done it. Have to say though, I laughed coffee out my nose when you called them “those little fuckers” That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  71. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ŸπŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’πŸ’“πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸŽ‰β€πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ

  72. It’s worth it, so gorgeous!

  73. Hooray, hooray! It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us!

  74. Barbara R · ·

    I vote for a border…a SMALL border.

  75. Yay You!! You’ll have such wonderful naps under that blanket! It is now a functioning blanket. You could even drop off for a catnap while working on the border. When my son was little, he used to snuggle under whatever quilt I was hand quilting and fall asleep. So long before the bindings went on, those quilts got a lot of use.

  76. It is deserving to be an future heirloom. It is like finishing a marathon! Congratulations.

  77. This is spectacularly impressive.

  78. Just beautiful!

  79. Jennifer · ·

    That thing is a beauty!! I say you should work that border when it’s cold and you can enjoy draping it all over yourself πŸ˜€

  80. It looks really beautiful. Well done!

  81. So beautiful! I love it!

  82. […] Glennaknits hat eine phantastische Grannysquaredecke gezeigt – eigentlich auch ganz einfach zu hΓ€keln, denn es ist das ganz simple Basis-Grannysquare. Aber durch die schΓΆn miteinander kombinierten Farben sieht sie einfach toll aus: I dit it! […]

  83. amaevans · ·

    That looks amazing!!!

  84. Amazingly beautiful! You are enticing me to start one.

  85. Looks gorgeous! You’ve given me hope I will finish mine one day, it’s currently the size of a lap blanket. Weaving in ends is the worst part! πŸ™‚

  86. Bravo!!!! It’s gorgeous!!!

  87. stephanie · ·

    Stunning! What an incredible piece of work. I feel like it should be a wall hanging instead of a blanket – it’s art! Congrats. I’ve loved reading about your journey. My question would be about how you chose the colors for each swatch (was it random?) and the organizing of squares because the colors all blend beautifully and the blanket is perfectly balanced. Is part of it because we all seem to choose our favorite colors over and over so our leftover stash might naturally blend? Here you have plums, greens and blues that flow so well.

    As for the border – keep it thin. Once around with either single or double crochet for stability and that is it. Keep it simple. Frankly you can leave it as is too.

    Congrats again!

  88. Absolutely stunning Glenna!!!

  89. Susan713 · ·

    Contratulations! Fantastic!

  90. what an incredible blanket!! I’ve been crocheting little granny squares, seeing your blanket has me excited to have it finished one day, probably years from now

  91. Catherine P · ·

    It looks fantastic! Congratulations. πŸ™‚

  92. AMAZING. Just stunning!

  93. Karen Walsh · ·

    Beautiful! An heirloom for sure.

  94. A simple reverse HDC border wouldn’t take long and would be very nice on this project. It makes a nice edge. It’s a gorgeous blanket, and I’m sure you will love it for a long time!

  95. Amazing!!! You deserve some good knitting–cables?

  96. I love it!! I’m not a fan of granny square anything, but this blanket is amazing! Good for you for sticking with it.

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