Autumn in my sights

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments on my last granny square blanket post – believe me I’m very glad to see it in finished blanket form. When the border and everything is done, I will be back to report on it once and for all.

It’s a bit strange, finally coming to the end of a large project and realizing that all that space it was taking up in your head is now free to think about a new project (or three). But strange in a good way for sure!


I’m not wasting any time getting new projects going, that’s for sure. There ARE some other knitted WIPs lingering from the last year that I have been returning to in small bits, but of crucial importance right now is getting a sweater on the needles for Rhinebeck. Last year I didn’t wear a newly-knitted sweater for Rhinebeck (I still wore knitted sweaters though – the supply is still strong) so this year I want to correct that if possible. And since we are…oh my, just 6.5 weeks away from Rhinebeck now, I’d better get cracking.

This would have been no trouble at all for Past Me who didn’t have a full time job, but Current Me does have a full time job (and is extremely grateful for the paycheque, too, so no trade-ins needed) is still figuring out timelines on things. It should be do-able, though, and since for the last year I’ve also been wanting to cast on my very own Bonspiel cardigan AND I have an armload of Aran weight wool I brought back from Nova Scotia – here we go!

I’m doing my preferred approach of knitting the sleeves first to get them out of the way speedily, and then moving on to the body. If for some reason I run out of yarn before the hood, I will do it as a ribbed collar instead. But! I’ll figure that part out when I get there.

Feels good to be doing some knitted cables again. I hope you’ve got some great fall knits queued up as well. Happy Tuesday!


Pattern: Bonspiel (by me, for Twist Collective)
Yarn: Lismore Sheep Farm pure wool, 220 yds per 4 oz skein, brown heather


  1. Really pretty. You are so talented!

  2. Barbara R · ·

    Rhinebeck! Really! Oh man; where did this year go? I am getting ready for Spinzilla right now. Was dyeing the last of my roving for that event.early this morning Signup is Thursday! YIKES! Congrats again on the blanket and I still say, border please…but make it a small one so you don’t get hung up on that hook again!


  3. Your sweater posts are always so inspiring! One of these days I will knit a sweater…

  4. Lovely sweater. My daughter and I are hoping to make it to Rhinebeck this year. Alas I will only be wearing some hand knit socks. God luck with finishing your sweater you seem to have it well in hand.

  5. stephanie · ·

    I love the sweater choice! The person standing behind you in a line at Rhinebeck will have some intricate knitting to admire! I’m going to try and get to Rhinebeck this year but am only shooting for a “fall” sock (Arne and Carlos Regia sock yarn in “Fall Night” which is a heavenly yarn!). Good luck!

  6. I so love fall and winter knits. They’re all I ever think about when it comes to knitting for myself.

  7. I’m with you…staring at a page of knitting math followed by a page of math to see if I can finish the sweater by Rhinebeck!

  8. I agree that working for a living interferes mightily with knitting. Haven’t figured out the solution yet, though! Your sweater looks so nice and warm! Another Rhinebeck time coming up, huh? Someday I will get there…

  9. Looks Amazing.

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