Sweaters don’t knit themselves

It’s officially fall now, and the weather reports, while not yet displaying truly definitive sweater weather around these parts, are certainly within glancing distance of definitive sweater weather, so basically I would like to have some new knitted sweaters right about now-ish please and thank you.

The Rhinebeck sweater knitting continues, and naturally timing wise it is in that realm of “well this COULD still be possible AS LONG AS you put on a real weekend warrior effort the next couple of weeks, so just do that and you’re fine.” I don’t mind very terribly if I don’t make the Rhinebeck deadline as far as wearing this new sweater, but I would very much like to have the Rhinebeck weekend to cast on something new. Either way I’m trying not to fixate too much on deadlines and am just throwing myself into the knitting as soon as possible when I get home in the evenings. Repeated and consistent effort usually pays off.


Anyhow, here’s a sleeve! Almost a full one, too. I fully plan to have most of the second sleeve done this weekend. (It would help if this wasn’t all that I was knitting, but that’s not the case. I can’t show you the other thing yet, but, again – perseverance and repeated effort. La la la.)

(Also, since I know someone will ask – that project bag in the corner is from ZigZag Stitches, from last year. I love their large wedge bags for sweater projects).


Also, i can report that everyone who said that the granny square blanket border would just sail right on by once it got cool enough to actually sit underneath it while working on the border, was of course 100% right. It really is almost done. Bit by bit I’ve eeked out 2.5 rounds along the full edge of the blanket and I think 3 is where it will stop.


Can’t wait to watch Netflix under thi- I mean, drape it artfully over the back of an elegant armchair as part of my decor, of course. Definitely not for dropping potato chips on while re-watching Gilmore Girls for the eleventh time. Psh.

Happy Thursday, knitter friends!


Pattern: Bonspiel (by me, for Twist Collective)
Yarn: Lismore Sheep Farm pure wool, 220 yds per 4 oz skein, brown heather

Project: Granny square afghan squares (classic granny square pattern – tutorials widely available on the web and YouTube – Google search for ‘basic granny square’ and you’ll find several options), 3.0mm crochet hook

Yarn: Miscellaneous sock yarn stash leftovers, including Tanis Fiber Arts sock, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock, Madelinetosh sock, Dream In Color Smooshy, Van Der Rock sock (no longer available), Indigodragonfly sock, Miss Babs sock, and more. Border yarn is Sweet Georgia ‘Tough Love Sock’ in birch.






  1. Gnosh away! Those chip crumbs will fall right through the holes. 🙂

  2. Ah, I love me some Gilmore Girls!!

  3. That sleeve looks amazing

  4. twistedsticks · ·

    Glad you are making some progress. I finished my sweater and discovered it isn’t going to fit. What a bummer. Maybe someone else I know will get a gift! So on to a pair of mittens! Fall is arriving here in Wisconsin so like you, I need to get busy. I made five pair of new socks before I went on vacation to so I should be set on those.

  5. New Gilmore Girls episodes in November, so perfect timing!

  6. I love a good Netflix binge! 🙂 And Netflix binging with yarn and a glass of wine is even better! hehe

  7. The granny does look better with a border, the cabled sweater cozy, and this “other thing”
    you can’t tell us about? A curiosity. I’ll stay tuned.

    We’re getting teased here in Northern California with some Indian Summer days mixed
    with hints of Fall in the evenings. I keep flip flopping between sandals and regular shoes. No sweaters yet.

  8. Missy's Crafty Mess · ·

    Your grannies are cute. I’ve never watched the Gilmore girl. I’m going to have to check it out to see what the fuss is all about. Just keep knitting… JUST KEEP KNITTING

  9. I’m so excited for chilly weather, I pulled out all my UFOs yesterday and started sorting them!

  10. wow amazing work you doing, loved them all 🙂

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