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HELLO, KNITTER FRIENDS! It’s been a busy few weeks, and I promise you I have been keeping busy with knitting projects and knitting travels. It’s time to start catching up on a few of those stories, not least of which is the annual excitement of Rhinebeck.

First – I did indeed finish my sweater! Then, a few days after I came back, I officially finished my granny square blanket by completing the border and then letting it have a wash and (air)dry. More on both of those 2 projects in another post!

Rhinebeck was its usual exciting self. This year I had the chance to share one big house with this group of charming knitters. (I am pretty sure this is about as close as any of us are going to get to a Vanity Fair magazine cover style photo shoot).


We knitted, and ate some cheese and drank some wine. (Even we are starting to think we MAY be over-doing it on the cheese. But we keep over-doing it none the less.)


The fair itself is always a bit crazy trying to explain to non-knitters, but now I’ve gotten it down to saying “listen, there’s a big fair with food vendors and sheep shearing and people selling yarn, and in the evening we head back and drink wine and knit,” and about 99% of people react to that by saying “wow, that sounds GREAT.” I mean, it’s not bad, right?


This year, I have to confess however, was the first time I felt a bit disoriented by the volume of people in some of the buildings. I’m starting to be converted to Sunday as the great shining jewel of the Rhinebeck weekend, because the crowds that descend on the Saturday just aren’t as big and you can actually get a bit of breathing room. As a result I didn’t end up getting around to all of the vendor buildings that I might have liked – but no worry, I did still manage to come home with some treats!



My main goal was to get to some of the booths I haven’t purchased from before. One of the ones I’ve always glanced at in that too-late-my-wallet-is-empty time in past years is the Bartlett Yarns booth, and this year I made sure to get there with cash in hand. I thought I would get one sweater quantity but ended up with two – one in their sport weight and another in their worsted weight. I have a real soft spot for sheepy heathery wool. Anyhow, thanks Bartlett Yarns, this was a fun armload of wool to come home with!


I also braved the crowds long enough to get a Pi Shawl quantity of sock yarn from Into the Whirled. I’ve been wanting to lay in a nice chocolatey brown Pi Shawl for myself for a little while, and so when I saw their selection of semi-solids I decided to go for it.

After this new stash infusion I don’t think I’ll need to do any more yarn buying for a little while – Christmas knitting excepted, of course. I’m looking forward to settling in for a fall/winter knitting season of stash diving and see what I can knit (and also, let’s face it, what WIPs I can wrangle into being finished sooner rather than later!)

Happy knitting this week, blog readers! I hope you’ve got some fun projects on the needles.






  1. I love the picture of the sheep. I am more and more amazed by these animals and grateful that knitting is so closely connected to land and animals

  2. Missy's Crafty Mess · ·

    Ooh beautiful new yarn. It sounds like you had fun

  3. I like the chocolatey brown.
    Looks like you had fun!
    Looking forward to pics of finished Rhinebeck sweater, Ms Amazing Speed Knitter.

  4. You did go home with some lovely yarn! I cannot get up there but I am going to SAFF this weekend and hope to come home with something lovely. Have fun with your new yarn!

  5. Hello Glenna! I have a club called Stitches @ our library. – stitches as we do not all knit- some crochet, hand sew items, needlepoint – it’s a great group ! We meet weekly – all ages 18-80 something. I am currently knitting envelope purses for holiday gifts. We have so much fun, and I have learned so much from the advanced knitters. They keep me motivated. We have discussed traveling to Maryland to a yarn boutique that offers workshops. Keep on knitting🎃

  6. This is the best Rhinebeck photo I’ve seen! Eat your heart out, Vanity Fair.

  7. Love the green in the photo

  8. I love Bartlett yarns. Sheepy indeed.

  9. Diane Cooper · ·

    Let me say one thing- You can NEVER have too much cheese…. 😉
    Looks lovely! Can’t wait to see your finished sweater!!

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