The view from the almost-finished line

So, whenever there is an unseasonably warm spell during the middle of winter, you know how there are some people who complain that it doesn’t really feel like winter when it’s so warm and there’s no snow? Friends, I am one of those jerks. I am the asshole who hates to see +7C and mud in the middle of winter when there are perfectly lovely warm cozy hand-knitted wool sweaters in my closet waiting, and waiting to be worn when it is an entirely reasonable -10C and snowy. Wiarton Willie the groundhog predicted an early spring this year and I was bummed, man. (What do rodents know about the weather forecast anyway? Tsk.)


I have become that person who relishes a February forecast with temperatures with minus signs in front of them because it means I get to wear sweaters like the one that is just about ready to come off my needles. If I’m going to knit this many wooly bulky cables you’re darned right I’m going to want to wear them. (Admittedly it is easier to feel this way when the cold temps aren’t regularly falling below -25C, so yes, there may be limits to my enjoyment of cold. Special Toronto snowflake, reporting for duty.)


In other news, my Smoky Lake cardigan is so close to being finished – I’m literally just a bind-off row away from finishing the big collar/double-breasted front piece, and then it’ll just be a final wash and block and some buttons and we’ll be in business. After finishing my Exeter cardigan a few weeks ago and starting to wear it, I pretty much want to live with a wardrobe of oversized wooly cabled cardigans (in Briggs & Little wool if at all possible) forever, so I’m glad I’m finishing this in time to have some wear before spring.

Happy knitting this Wednesday, friends! Whether you are in cold climate or warm.


Pattern: Smoky Lake cardigan by Jessie McKitrik for Twist Collective
Yarn: Briggs and Little Atlantic, ‘brown heather’ colour



  1. Linda Toffolo · ·

    Glenna your wooly cardigans are beautiful. I have a question about Briggs and Little Tuffy wool that I bought in St. Andrew’s N.B.this September. My plan was to knit a cozy cabled cardigan for myself but when I knit a test swatch I found it so scratchy and stiff that I cannot image it next to my sensitive skin. Tuffy does have a small percentage of nylon that might be what makes it “tuff”. I bought a lot and am now wondering what to do with it. Any suggestions?

  2. Well Punksatawny Phil predicted six more weeks of winter down here in PA and I doubt we’ll be colder than Canada, so perhaps you will get plenty of time to wear that gorgeous sweater and all the other beautiful warm woolies you have created after all! Me personally, I hope your groundhog is righter than mine! 🙂

  3. As long as there’s snow on the ground, it ought to be white. Nothing yukkier than muddy
    half-melted snow (though I’d hardly consider 7C warm!!). I’m finishing up a merino V-neck pullover with just enough silk added to slide off the needles and feel great in my hands. I’ve vowed to finish so there’s still time to wear it before casting on a cotton/linen cardigan.

    It will be worked in a size 4 needle, mostly St st, so I’ll need some marathon Netflix movies to get it done in time to wear for a California Spring. Almost felt that way yesterday when the rain stopped briefly and I decided to take advantage of the wet ground to pull weeds outside. The merino v-neck would have felt OK still on its own – didn’t need a jacket. Not cold just gloomy-looking.

  4. Glenna likely has iddas, but I thought i would throw in my 2 cents. The yarn is rustic, but softens some with wear. Did you wash your swatch? Try that see if it helps… and isn’t St Andrews lovely?

  5. Hope you get some winter for all these lovely sweaters!

  6. I’m a winter convert (after living in wisconsin since I graduated from college…a long time ago, ahem) and the thing that distresses me the most is that evidence of Climate Change is here and staring us right in the face. That bugs me more than the odd warm day here and there.

  7. raymondegagnier · ·

    I live north of Quebec city and as I am writing this, the temperature is at -11 with a windchill factor of -18, what we call a lovely evening for a moonlight walk! 😉

  8. Susan Penasack · ·

    Dear Glenna, I’m a subscriber who lives in the States. I always love the beautiful textured designs you make, and your patterns too!  I’ve tried to find Briggs and Little yarn online with no success. My husband and I stopped at the old mill, before the fire, and I’ve always loved the homespun yarns of Briggs and Little and MacAusland’s, but haven’t been to Atlantic Canada in many years. I checked the link to the website you provide and it says to check shops. Can you provide the name of one you think would sell the yarn via mail?  Smoky Lake is on my list too. I love to do cables, less so traveling stitches, and this pattern looks perfect. Thanks so much,Sue Penasack PS, I live near the Canadian border and could easily visit shops in Southern Ontario if they would have it.

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  9. anastasia · ·

    I am that jerk too!! I am the asshole who complains when it’s +3C, even though I bet that is a very reasonable temperature for the season. Everybody starts to rejoice that the weather is mild & I start going on about global warming. It’s a wonder I have any friends, lol.

    I love following your sweater knitting posts & one day I hope to have a collection of sweaters as beautiful as yours. I may need to stop knittting shawls in order for that to happen tho…

  10. Isabel's Needleworks · ·

    I agree about our weather, this freezing then thawing and rain and more freezing and snow . Winter on the east coast has been a mix of mud and snow for the past few years and I for one would like to see the snow come and stay If we are going to have winter then let’s have winter . Not that I enjoy winter but like you Glenna I really enjoy wrapping up in wooly sweaters and wearing home made socks 🙂 Briggs & Little is a beautiful yarn to knit with although I’ve been knitting boots socks with it lately and yes it does soften up after the first wash. I use Tuffy for the boots socks because of the nylon in it. I have 8 skeins of blue heather in Heritage waiting to be a sweater. And for those who would like to know, I contacted Briggs & Little directly and made a request to purchase yarn from them through their “contact us” form…I got prices and shipping info. They have a flat rate of shipping. And when info was exchanged I got my bundle in the mail with in a week. :).

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