No dust on these needles

The year 2016 saw me finishing my epic sock yarn granny square blanket, which let me tell you I am glad to have finished and draped over my couch. It’s an awesome thing to have completed.

The downside of this epic pursuit is that in 2016 I finished very little else of significance. I did finish 2 sweaters later in the year, both deadline knits (one for Rhinebeck, one for publication). But I have so much stashed yarn in sweater quantities that I stared at longingly while doing the granny squares, and now I’m relishing the chance to finally dive in. I’ve spent the last couple of months both knitting sweaters and poring over sweater patterns to knit next (or someday), and thinking about the yarn in my stash, and it’s awesome.


On Friday, fresh from placing the buttons on my completed Smoky Lake cardigan, I wasted no time casting on for the back piece of the Reverse Me cardigan (Ravelry link), in some Ultra Alpaca that I think I originally purchased with a different plan in mind but has now been pulled into service for this sweater.

Two years ago I got to try on the original sample of this pattern at a workshop with Norah Gaughan, at Vogue Knitting Live in New York City. It was warm and cozy and different from my usual style impulse with knitted sweaters, therefore I loved it immediately and have thought about it ever since. It’s one of those kinds of sweaters that depending on which way you flip it, will have the style of a longer jacket or a cropped slouchy cardigan.


This is an item worked in pieces and seamed, with the body pieces worked in plain stockinette and attached to the fancier cabled sections that are worked for the neckline, cuffs, and hem. That means doing the stockinette parts first means I’ll hopefully get the boring pieces out of the way first and then have the cabled parts to keep me interested on the home stretch.

It’s exciting to be using stashed yarn in larger amounts again. What stashed yarns do you have your wistful eye on right now?

Happy Tuesday knitter pals!


Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca
Pattern: Reverse Me cardigan (Ravelry link) by Norah Gaughan


  1. mariposaknits · ·

    The Reverse Me cardagin is so intersting looking!

  2. My stashed yarns are only in small amounts so I need to think of projects that use the same.

  3. That isn’t a style you normally gravitate to but I think you can pull it off
    – especially because you’re tall. I love Norah Gaughan’s patterns but often think
    they’d look better on a tall person. At 5’2″ I seem to do better with shorter styles with
    less bulk (though I’m still trying to figure this out. I do have some of her patterns in
    my queue).
    When buying for your stash, do you always buy enough you know you’d need for
    a cabled sweater? I still haven’t figured out the perfect amount to buy for myself.

  4. Im trying to polish off some blankets for the hospital nursery

  5. Barbara R · ·

    I have a great deal of stashed sock yarn for….socks and it looks like I will be needing that for socks. Commercially made socks don’t last for my husband. I keep darning them because he loves them, but even he is beginning to realize that my handknit socks last for YEARS!!! What he as spent on commercially made socks could get me a cool stash of sweater yarn. So, as I have no sweater yarn stash, I have decided to spin my own. Was getting ready for an epic spin when I saw your post just now. I have an epic raw fleece stash….


  6. Love Norah’s patterns, so I Can’t wait to see this one done! I have a sweaters worth of Briggs and Little worsted in my stash that I think about now and then. It is mostly light gray, with a dark gray and medium green skein originally planned for a fair isle. But the colors don’t have enough contrast for that, really, so I think I will do something different. Maybe some stripes or something. Someday. Meanwhile, because I don’t; have enough yarn, I am spinning a big batch which will be ALMOST enough for a sweater, and which I think will match a pile of yarn that is also ALMOST enough for a sweater. If they truly do match, then I will knit a sweater up with that – and I think it will be a raglan top down, because that is what I always knit, but I can’t decide if it will be a cardigan or a pullover, and if it will have anything interesting like lace or a cable or something. I think it might.

  7. Ryan Subocz · ·

    I bought a few sweater quantities this year with intent to start designing, and also a couple projects that have been in my queue for a while. I’ve got some Berroco Remix calling to me and some handspun from Old Sturbridge Village. I’ve also already had Norah Gaughan’s Chainlink on my needles for some time now. I’ve had lots of homework for knitting classes I’m currently taking and that doesn’t leave much time for sweater knitting. My fingers are starting to itch for those projects- especially now that winter has finally truely set in here in New England!

    That alpaca looks really delicious! What a great color!

  8. anastasia · ·

    I have some Cascade 220 & Rowanspun Aran waiting to be swatched for sweaters & there is a cardio in Lettlopi on the needles right now. But first I should make a baby sweater for a co-worker before the baby comes.

  9. anastasia · ·

    Oops, autocorrect. I meant cardi, not cardio…

  10. Beautiful, dark brown Donegal Tweed….cables, me thinks…

  11. I have a full closet full of sweater quantities of yarn, most of them not yet assigned or reassigned to a specifc garment. That is not counting the armoire of single skeins, left over balls from previous projects, nor the shopping bag full of left over little balls of sock and fingering weight yarns, nor the packing barrel with nothing but jamieson Spindrift (people keep giving me this when they decide that fsir isle is not for them ). I am in month four of a six month self imposed moratorium on purchases, and it may be extended as I am coming to enjoy the creativity it imposes on me. I, too, knit a sock yarn blanket, or more accurately: a fingering weight blanket last winter (Canal Grande: the shawl size expanded by 100 stitches to make it 48″ wide, and 70″ long) and it is so glorious that I may do another. Not much of a fan of little one skein items; I tend to go for the grand project!

  12. Just stumbled across your blog and you can bet I’ll be back to read more! 🙂

  13. […] The year 2016 saw me finishing my epic sock yarn granny square blanket, which let me tell you I am glad to have finished and draped over my couch. It’s an awesome thing to have completed. The downside of this epic pursuit is that in 2016 I finished very little else of significance. I did […] Source link […]

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