Sticking to my knitting

My knitting friends, I can attest that being in the middle of a knitting slump is probably the least fun experience to have as a knitter, and is even less fun to talk about. But it’s a glitch that happens every so often and is always temporary. For me the most reliable way  to get to the other side of it is to pick an unfinished project and just knit my way through it until it is done. This approach is currently paying off, and I’m pleased to report I now see myself coming to the other side of the slump. Score one for stubborn persistence!


I finished the gift hat I was knitting back in March and am now left with 2 partially knit sweaters. I’d be okay with leaving one of them unfinished while I start something else new, but not both of them. The road to knitting hell is paved with all kinds of good intentions about those unfinished projects that I’m really for sure totally going to finish soon. (I also have a hard time abandoning half-read books. Hi! My personality issues are so glad to be here, they’re having a wonderful time and would like another cup of tea and some chocolate eggs if it’s not too much trouble.)


The sweater project I’m sticking with to the end is the Reverse Me cardigan, which I really really am excited to have finished and in my wardrobe for next fall, and I am indeed making progress. I’ve finished the stockinette body and now there are 4 cable panels to knit – 2 longer ones for the collar and the hem, and then 2 shorter ones for the cuffs. I decided to tackle the longer ones first so that the shorter ones would be quicker to dash off as the last pieces. This turned out to be not a bad plan, because having a longer piece to knit first helped me memorize the cable chart, and now I’m sailing along on the 2nd one. This is going to come along with me for some holiday long-weekend knitting!


I also remembered that I can impose a personal deadline for this – at the end of April I’ll be doing some vacation travelling and it would be great to be able to cast on something new – possibly this sweater quantity of Sweet Georgia sock (in tourmaline) that was my Boxing Day sale purchase this past winter at Romni wools. I won’t cast on yet but it’s nice and enticing to look at and think about.

Knitter friends, I hope you are enjoying a relaxing long weekend and that your knitting is keeping you nice friendly company! Have an excellent Friday.


Pattern: Reverse Me cardigan, by Norah Gaughan
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca


  1. Thanks for this post, Glenna. I so needed to hear that knitting slumps end. I’m in one now, with no end in sight. It took me three full weeks to knit a single sleeve!

  2. This is my first time visiting your blog, but I just wanted to say that we’ve all been there. I personally like to call it knitter’s block, where you just can’t quite figure out what you want to knit next. But, the inspiration and motivation makes it way back eventually, and you know you’ll get through it. I hope the sweater you’re working on turns out great!

  3. Plugging your way through something you want to wear while looking at something you want you knit seems like a great recommendation! The sweater looks good so far!

  4. I’ve found myself there…it’s a good idea to continue knitting through it 🙂 I adore the yarn for your next project. So pretty and springlike!

  5. I, too, am not feeling my knitting right now. A top-down sweater stalled at the sleeve separation and a gift sock that is seemingly taking forever. But, as you say, there is hope. I did knit up and felt a sweet little bowl, so something actually did get off the needles. Here’s to a happy spring and more enthusiastic cast-ons!

  6. Slumps do end, and you have the beautiful blue to look forward to!

  7. I’ve been knitting pretty slowly and steadily for about 8 yrs now, after re-learning how through youtube (what else?). I couldn’t believe it when that day arrived for the first time after 2-3 years of knitting in ALL my spare time: “that’s weird, I don’t feel like knitting. in fact, I don’t feel like looking at yarn, looking at patterns on ravelry, or visiting my LYS. what the heck is happening??!” I found it helpful to just accept that the slump was occurring, and got on with more time for some of my other enjoyments: reading, running, cooking, kids’ crafts with my young stepkids, seeing my non-knitting friends… 🙂 And it didn’t take all that long before the urge was back, stronger than ever – the needles were back in my hands, and I couldn’t be kept out of the LYS!

  8. Yay for perseverance!! I love that colour, it’s going to be an awesome sweater when you are done. And mini eggs are excellent perseverance fuel.

  9. Chocolate is definitely a good way to help you through! I love the color of your Sweet Georgia yarn. I, too, do not like abandoning half-read books… 🙂

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  11. I hear you on hitting the knitting wall.

  12. Glad to hear you are on the downside of the slump! That blue is a gorgeous color…perfect for vacation knitting!

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