Turns out travel knitting is the right answer

Well friends, after a late winter phase of Not Loving My Knitting All That Much, I had been hoping that spending the last week of April travelling would give me the deadline I needed to finish things and then start new things for my trip. As it turns out, I did not finish the things I wanted to finish, but I started new things anyway. This was the right decision after all.

Because, guys, just look how much knitting you can get done in a week of travelling. I had back-to-back work and personal travel, and all together had 6 airplanes, several airports, and many stints sitting in cars. This paired well with a project that essentially involved knitting around and around and around.


This is the Lightweight Pullover pattern, which many many people have knitted and I had somehow managed to skip it. But then my sister knitted one for herself with a long-stashed sweater quantity of sock-weight yarn, and I liked how it looked on her (we’re twins, so if something looks good on her it’s a solid bet it’ll be okay for me too), and lo and behold the sweater quantity of Sweet Georgia sock yarn I bought on the Boxing Day sales is working out great.


Before my trip I managed a quick swatch (in the round, because the sweater is in the round), and wouldn’t you know it I got both stitch gauge and row gauge on the same swatch. I sincerely do not want to look a gift gauge-horse in the mouth, but that’s pretty damn great and I hope the knitting gods are not fooling around with me.


Because I’m using hand-dyed yarn, I’m working with 2 skeins at once, alternating skeins every 2-4 rounds (ish). So far that’s going well, and I’m glad I made myself do it from the beginning – sometimes you can’t tell the colour variation in hand-dyed skeins very well at a glance, and only discover them after you’ve changed skeins. Just means a bit of yarn management while you’re knitting and avoiding tangles.

So yep, I’m patting myself on the back for giving my knitting brain a break and the chance to stare at some gorgeous turquoise yarn for a week. I’ve still got those other projects to finish, but turns out they’re not that far away from being done and it’s OK to get back to them after a refresher.

I hope you’ve got some good knitting time coming up this weekend! Perhaps with a fun springy colour. Happy knitting, blog friends!


Pattern: Lightweight Pullover
Yarn: Sweet Georgia tough love sock (in ‘tourmaline’)





  1. V o n n a | DVon · ·

    I’ve been like that except it’s been my spinning instead of knitting. And I too had to put my long *cough* 2 year *cough* spinning w.i.p on the back burner and pick up something where I wasn’t concerned with thickness consistency. Has done wonders and revitalized my desire to spin. Sometimes walking away is what’s best.

  2. Lovely color. Hope the knitting goes well, and I can’t wait to see the finished project.

  3. I would of never thought about using Sock yarn for a sweater

  4. Travel knitting is the absolute best!!

  5. Wow! All the gods came together for this beauty. So glad you started it and are back into the knitting thing. πŸ™‚ Love that yarn, and the sweater will be great!

  6. That yarn is absolutely gorgeous! I love the variations in the blues and greens. Congrats on getting back on the horse πŸ™‚ I absolutely love travel knitting and need to make sure that more of it is in my future.

  7. So pretty! It just hit 100ΒΊ F here in Phoenix but I was burnt out on the sock I was working on, so I pulled out the Still Light Tunic I’ve been working on for over a year. Even though it’s alpaca and I won’t be able to wear it until November, the plain stockinette has been very therapeutic πŸ™‚

  8. Sometimes our knitting brains just need a break. Endless stockinette in the round. Perfect. And so pretty in those blues!

  9. Stephanie · ·

    I love that color way so much!! You’re going to have such a gorgeous sweater!

  10. Oh my! That yarn is beautiful! I love everything about this project & have added it my Ravelry que.

  11. travelknitter · ·

    I think travel knitting is the answer to many things πŸ™‚

  12. I periodically go through that phase of not liking my knitting as well. Sometimes casting on something easy and fun like you did helps, and sometimes I decide to power through the wip that’s closest to being finished. Often, finishing that one wip I had lost interest in revitalizes my will to knit on the others again.

  13. I made that sweater years ago and loved it until I discovered that every time I wore it the arms got shorter and shorter. I have no idea why that happened. It drove me crazy and I finally had to chuck it in the donate pile.
    Yours is beautiful. I love that teal color!

  14. Your jumper is going to be beautiful! Sometimes you need to start something new to feel inspired, and that’s ok!

  15. What a gorgeous shade of yarn. That will be one lovely sweater when you finish. Me? It would take me FOREVER to knit a sweater in fingering weight yarn!

  16. Susan713 · ·

    “So like which cocktail do I sip while watching this particular brand of terrifying garbage fire go down, I’m just wondering #AmericaOMG”

    Sorry, not on Twitter, but Had to respond – I think Scottie Nell Hughes would suggest a Mazel Tov Cocktail

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  18. What a fabulous colour! That would motivate me too, bright colours are so much fun to work with πŸ™‚

  19. […] also glad for Past Glenna who set herself up with an around-and-around stockinette top-down sweater back in April, because that’s pretty soothing to pick up and work on as I breathe a sigh of […]

  20. Is it possible to have too many WIPs going at the same time? I often find starting a new project is really and truly what is needed to rejuvenate me. This does mean multiple WIPs – I’ve had up to 14 (gulp! I feel like this is a safe space for that admission) – but hey, I need a couple easy projects when my brain is tired, a couple hard projects for when my brain is revved up, I need various colors and various weight yarns so whatever mood strikes, I’ve got the thing. I need a project stuffed in a drawer or closet in every room in my house, plus of course a couple easily portable projects to take on the road. That turquoise yarn… gorgeous.

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