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12 of 12: June 2009

It’s been a long darned time since I’ve done a 12 of 12 post! Lately I seem to either forget about it altogether, or the 12th falls on a day when I am doing absolutely nothing that involves leaving the house or doing interesting photographable things. But this time, I remembered! In case you don’t […]

12 of 12: Thanksgiving edition

It’s been a few months since I’ve done a 12 of 12! This time I marked it in big letters on my calendar so I wouldn’t forget. And this time the 12th of October happened to fall on our Thanksgiving weekend – it is today, the Monday, that is actually Thanksgiving, but our family has […]

12 of 12 – July

Back in the fall I started doing the 12 of 12, but have forgotten about it the last few times. Not this month! Ha ha! I remembered this time! In case you’re just tuning in, the 12 of 12 is a blog project where you take 12 pictures during your day on the 12th of […]

12 of 12

I participated in the 12 of 12 three times at the end of last year and then have neglected it the past couple of months – but this time I remembered! I just didn’t manage to get the post up sooner than this morning. These kind of posts always take me longer than I expect. […]

December 12 of 12

First, allow me to extend a warm thank you to blog reader Melissa who is generously and flatteringly sending me wine corks from France. Never fear, Melissa, I will do my best to see the new recruits are properly clothed! ::salutes:: Anyhow, here I am again, back for my third round of the 12 of […]

November 12 of 12

I owe a few blogging things – FOs for one, and some pattern errata for the Brennan Cardigan for another (thanks for the catch, Rae!), but this 12 of 12 post will start to go stale if I don’t write it up soon. Thankfully my lunch break has allowed for some blogging time. I slept […]

October 12 of 12

I have much to blog about – knitting continues and I have projects new, old, and in between who are screaming at me to tell you about them. But they have to wait a little bit longer, because yesterday I took the day to try out a new blogging fodder exercise – the 12 of […]