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Birthday cupcakes

(I’m going to need lots of help with these.) Pear, Cranberry, and White Chocolate Chocolate Peanut Butter (These turned out a lot more like brownies than what I expected) And now I’m going to try to get in as much being-lazy time as is humanly possible. 😉 And cast on some Monkey socks in birthday […]

This week’s cupcakes

After all my hemming and hawing, i went with basic chocolate cupcakes and vanilla buttercream frosting. May yet try a bit of garnishing with some mini-chocolate chips, but damn. That is some fine frosting action if I do say so myself. These will be accompanying me to knit night, by the by 😉 How long […]

After the revolution everyone will have cake

I made this carrot cake cupcake recipe from Cupcake Bakeshop. The only things I did differently were to substitute 1/2 cup applesauce for 1/2 cup of the oil, and I didn’t use the candied ginger or pecans. (I like my carrot cake without any edible land mines.) The candied carrot sprinkles didn’t quite turn out […]

We interrupt your Sunday broadcast…

…for just a little bit of gratuitous food picspam. Saturday was all about the kitchen, for me, and indulging in some new recipes. First, I assembled some S’mores Cupcakes:   They are delicious – but very sweet. Tooth-brushing and flossing is very much required. The only thing I missed in the recipe was the sprinkling […]