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Yarn is My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Or, Happy Singleton Awareness Day, as one of my friends likes to say… 😉 ) Beatrice would like to register that, if at all possible, Valentine’s Day is best celebrated with a nap, a bath, and a nice play with your toys. I am inclined to agree. I’ve had this pile gradually […]


I’m glad it meets with her approval. But it does still need buttons. 😉 In other news, I was very generously gifted with this ‘make my day’ blogger token from MJM Knitting, and Queen of the Froggers. Thank you so much! D’awwww. And the blog-iverse demands that I pass it on, so without further ado […]

Snuggling inside the lines

Phew. Saturday is finally here, and my life force is still intact. Beatrice approves greatly of the Moderne Log Cabin blanket. Apparently the pale blue block is best for snuggly observation of humans. And also playing and general cuteness. Sleeping is not colour-specific, but it helps to have toys close by. So in “finally it’s […]

December 12 of 12

First, allow me to extend a warm thank you to blog reader Melissa who is generously and flatteringly sending me wine corks from France. Never fear, Melissa, I will do my best to see the new recruits are properly clothed! ::salutes:: Anyhow, here I am again, back for my third round of the 12 of […]

Just pictures

(Winter has arrived.) (Everyone knows radiators are for sitting on.) (The beginnings of an SWS hat.) (Crunchy Cabbage Salad) (Carrot & Potato Soup) (Hello Dolly bars. Next time: need higher nut/coconut to butterscotch ratio.) And one more thing… It’s 98% done, but the last 2% won’t get done until after my supervisor returns from a […]

Last gasps

At the beginning of this week I told myself (and other people, out loud) that it was possible for me to finish my draft this week – or at least by the beginning of next week. Then my morale and work ethic took a hit round mid-week and yesterday I declared Personal Snow Day. I […]

Baah. Baaaaaaahhhh.

I did enough work today so far that I am rewarding myself with blogging. And some Cheetos. Mmmm, fake cheesy orange Cheetos, mmm… But anyway. Hey, so there’s this super cool easily customizable scarf/shawl pattern thingie. Maybe you’ve heard of it? One or two people have already knitted it. Well, okay. Maybe one or two […]

Wednesday random

This sock pattern is making me look at the striping yarn in my stash with interest and relief. Kitty cat now helps me check email in the morning. There is a cupcake roundup challenge afoot, and I have plans. And I now have accumulated an eggplant, 2 red peppers, 2 3 watermelons, a bunch of […]

Touch of Pink

I started the first sleeve of the Ribby this weekend, and if I can apply myself it’ll be done in the next day or so. (Re: button band yardage in the red – I think I’ll be OK. Am confident enough to go back to it post-sleeves.) This is where the element of risk comes […]

Fuel for the fire

Having a weekly vegetable box to work with is, I am discovering, the opposite of how I am used to cooking. I generally come up with a few recipes to cook throughout the week, then buy the ingredients. This is the reverse – I am being given some key ingredients and then run off to […]