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And on the occasion of my 100th post, how else to celebrate but with a Finished Object? Inexplicably, I am suddenly fretful, now that I’ve finished. (My sister keeps telling me “it’s FINE. Shut UP.”) Should i not have added length? Is it too big? Are the colours all wrong for me? Did I make […]

On the home stretch…

…for Poppy: My grand total knitting progress for the last two nights has consisted of seaming the body (transforming the long black rectangle into a tube), picking up stitches for the shoulders, and beginning the back section. It’s so close and yet so far…I was all nice and rested after my trip and then yesterday […]

The knitting still lives

I’m sure eventually I’ll join the ranks of people complaining about what a cold spring we’ve been having so far, but at the moment I’m doin’ just fine. Summers in southern Ontario can border on sauna-like, and I’m in no hurry to experience that. Besides, it lengthens my sweater-wearing time. 😉 After several days off […]

For Your Information

Did you know that Hershey has a Special Dark flavour of Hershey’s Kisses? And that they have 3g of dietary fibre per serving? I did not know this. I think I am going to have to go looking for some Hershey’s Kisses. (I am still mourning the fact that the Cherry Cordial ones were only […]

Nothing is more important to you right now…

…than looking at these photos of adorable chidren: (Laura with Aven‘s wee guy) He gets very excited about all the yarn, and expresses his appreciation for knitters through happy wailing.   (Elizabeth with Emily’s wee gal)   She expresses her love of yarn by cutely sticking her fingers in her mouth and watching your every […]


Welcome to the new blog! I’ve come over here to WordPress and have moved all of the content over from my Blogspot account, and even gussied up the place with a new header, courtesy of my lovely sister. The knitting resumes! I still think I might have some residual stiffness, but my arms were recovered […]