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Nothing is more important to you right now…

…than looking at these photos of adorable chidren: (Laura with Aven‘s wee guy) He gets very excited about all the yarn, and expresses his appreciation for knitters through happy wailing.   (Elizabeth with Emily’s wee gal)   She expresses her love of yarn by cutely sticking her fingers in her mouth and watching your every […]

Lost Objects

I think, had it not been for Project Spectrum encouraging me to notice colour in my daily life, I would not have stopped to notice a few other things – or perhaps I would have noticed, but I might not have felt as compelled to take photographic evidence. (Did anyone see me with my camera? […]

The Joy of Finishing

The weather continues to fall in line with Project Spectrum’s grey, blue, and white theme for February and March: (Snowy, fluffy footprints outside a local school.) And, for the fourth time in as many weeks, some more things are done, around here: (Patons Kroy Socks, ‘Winter Eclipse’, 3.0 mm needles and basic sock pattern; ‘The […]


I’ll show you white… (The view from my front stoop.) This is the most snow we’ve had in the T-Dot all winter, but it ain’t NOTHIN’ compared to what the rest of Southern Ontario and the northeastern United States have been getting. A shame, too, because I could have really gone for a rip-roaring blizzard […]

Blue, Grey, and White

No shortage of these three colours in the urban landscape…In fact, the more I start to pay attention the more I notice how they make every other bright colour stand out so much more. I wouldn’t have figured blue for a ‘neutral’, but to my camera it really does seem to appear that way! These […]

Firsts for February

February has arrived (eek! my deadlines!) along with the beginning of Project Spectrum. I wasn’t in blog-land during the beginning of this enterprise in 2006, but I’m excited to be here for Take #2. The idea behind it is to get knitters/crafters to focus on different parts of the colour wheel, and to incorporate different […]