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Snuggling inside the lines

Phew. Saturday is finally here, and my life force is still intact. Beatrice approves greatly of the Moderne Log Cabin blanket. Apparently the pale blue block is best for snuggly observation of humans. And also playing and general cuteness. Sleeping is not colour-specific, but it helps to have toys close by. So in “finally it’s […]

Just pictures

(Winter has arrived.) (Everyone knows radiators are for sitting on.) (The beginnings of an SWS hat.) (Crunchy Cabbage Salad) (Carrot & Potato Soup) (Hello Dolly bars. Next time: need higher nut/coconut to butterscotch ratio.) And one more thing… It’s 98% done, but the last 2% won’t get done until after my supervisor returns from a […]

Small victories

Hey, did you know that when you cast on for small knitting projects, you can finish them a lot faster than when you cast on for big projects? Apparently I’d forgotten about that. I finished the Endpaper Mitts last week and they have since taken up residence in my coat pockets. Then I promptly cast […]

Clinging to October

Thank you all for your comments on my randomness in the last post. They were great to read. It can’t really be the end of October, can it? Lalalalala, I can’t heeeeeaaar youuuu….Because if it is November then it is the month I have to hand in my draft and finally schedule my first defense […]

Inching along

The trouble with insecurity (wait, there’s just one?) is that it starts with one thing and then quickly spills out over into the rest of your life. For my psyche, it’s a short trip from the formidable obstacle of my dissertation and all accompanying fretting (what if it all sucks? What if I’m not cut […]

Wednesday random

This sock pattern is making me look at the striping yarn in my stash with interest and relief. Kitty cat now helps me check email in the morning. There is a cupcake roundup challenge afoot, and I have plans. And I now have accumulated an eggplant, 2 red peppers, 2 3 watermelons, a bunch of […]

Now with 100% more cat.

Meet my new roommate, Beatrice: Her hobbies include napping, lolling around in the garden, chasing bugs, watching the backyard birdfeeder, keeping herself immaculately groomed, and purring like an outboard motor when seated on a human lap. Her dislikes include empty food dishes, the neighbouring orange cat who occasionally walks through the backyard, and the fact […]